• Description: CLEAR VIDEO: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UM08yswrISY

    That was fun, didn't really take too long to beat either lel

    Edit: buffed time limit to prevent cheese
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The Flying Dutchman | 100/100


02/15/19 at 12:20 PM

CarlosV | 100/100

It took to me some time even to pass the first 100 blocks of the level. But i confess that i stoped on 600x and i didnt pass it. So I saw the video.
Anyways. I think its a great Kaizo level, something that a newbe like me cant pass. THe desing is something very unique for me, i dont see something like this in a year!(lol) There are too much of clever challenges, that proves that you wanted really to do a level like this. Some of them is hard enough for me.
I really dont know what to say. Its a perfect kaizo level. How many tries you had to pass it?? :)
1000/100 --- CarlosV

01/17/19 at 9:27 PM

Tristaph | 100/100

I should like to feature this level, but since it doesn't work, I'll at least click the button so you can still have the notification as some sort of trophy. lol? idk

Also a formal apology for making it seem like I was tearing apart this level. You spent a lot of time on this and I'm super impressed that someone managed to set aside time and beat it.

Excellent work.

01/17/19 at 12:07 AM

King Bowser | 100/100

After accumulating a massive total of approximately 400,000 points and 1000 deaths, I am very proud to exclaim that I've defeated this dreadful (yet fascinating) level of yours. Before I start to wander astray the custom music was incredible! Along with the custom background they together created a very techno vibe, which certainly spiced up the factory.

While the level had a very gray feeling too it, the red diagonal poodoboo's really added some color to this journey. More on those later. They happened to play a big part in torturing me later on. Same thing with the shells; they played a huge role in the level, which developed quite a few areas with its creative usage.

The tiling was very nice. I see you made the most with the pipes and spikes, which just about summed up the entire level, minus the bullet bill launchers, one-way gates, and tank wheels sprinkled in. The lack in scenery wasn't at all of an issue, as 1) We are in a factory and 2) You have black lava rushing its way to get you thanks to the beauties of auto-scroll.

The game-play was just horrifying, yet it brought tears to my eyes when I think about it later. I managed to conquer each and every area over a course of 6 hours. Some of my favorite challenges of yours was at 2300x (Whose wasn't) with the red koopa, swooper, rex and switch contraption. Not only was the koopa setup incredibly creative, but the poodoboo placement made me what to rip my hair out. It prevents you from advancing in the level not once but twice. My other favorite area was the one with the blue shell, 3 bullets, swooper and switch challenge. It took a lot of time to decipher what you wanted me to do, as well as a lot of trial and error. Same goes for the first one by the way. You have no idea how many times I missed the swooper and fell too death because of my miscalculated timing.

A few notes before I conclude this. I haven't yet watched the video, but I wanted to clarify 2 points. The first one is that at 1800x, I assumed you wanted us to do a mid-air spring jump, which is what I was originally doing, but it occured to me that you can place the spring very close to the edge, duck, and still manage to make it up there. The other was at 2600x, you don't really need the shell to conquer the area. I merely let the blue koopa start walking right, did a quick jump onto the platform, bounce off the cannonball, hit the switch, then wait for the koopa to start walking left to jump down and enter the last area.


01/15/19 at 6:49 AM

GammaRaul | 100/100

Since I Dont Know How To Do Kaizo, I Watched The Video And WOW It Is Hard, The Way You Have To Do The Movements So You Can Reach Something In Time Is Incredible

I Really Like The Tiling, No Cutoffs Or Anything, Truly Perfect

Also, About The Timing Again, That Start Caught Me Off Guard, I Wasnt Expecting A Spiky Ball To Crush Me The Instant I Start The Level, The Way You Put The Floating Platforms Is Really, Really, REALLY Kaizo Worthy

The Arrangement Of Enemies Is Next Level Too!

Kaizo Is Not Spamming Blocks So It Is Difficult Maybe Even Impossible, Kaizo Is Arranging Blocks In Such A Way It Is Really Hard But Not Impossible

If I Had To Explain To Someone What Kaizo Is, I Would Show Them This Level

Also, The Music Is Really Good

I Wish The Rating Limit Wasnt 100 Points, Because This Level Deserves Way More Than That

Difficulty: Extreme
Rating: Perfectly Ethereal

01/14/19 at 7:56 PM

javien322 | 100/100

This level was a grade lunatic level! very awesome!

01/14/19 at 7:36 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

I made pretty much good progress in the level, not gonna lie. But then I wasn't able to do much progress in the switch challenge :( but well. I watched the video to see the entire level. I wasn't even thinking that the level could be so short when I saw your pics of the level on discord, read your descriptions about it, or played the thing. The difficulty on it makes it feel like if it was an even longer level, while its just a minimal level. Nonetheless, it was still amazing. Have a 100% and a hard difficulty, buddy!

01/14/19 at 3:35 PM

awesomeness777 | 100/100

I died at x:120..... so I watched the video (after 10 tries).

My favorite part was how you used the koopa at x:2320 (when it went back into its shell).

Difficulty: Extremel̶y̶ ̶e̶a̶s̶y̶

01/14/19 at 10:35 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 103/100

Since I could not beat the level, ill just rate based on the video you have.
+If im not Mistaken, The Entire level is really based on a geometry dash level or something like that
+The Music is Quite Neon, which fits with the level, Excellent
+Truly Amazing, im impressed but i cant the level tho lol

Level Layout: 30/30
Enemies: 30/30
Power-ups: 30/30
Level Design: 20/20
Compliments: +3
Total Score: 100 (103)

(I Totally forgot to mention about the size of this level :/ Nvm)

01/14/19 at 12:33 AM

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