• Description: Attention! You can only play this phase by searching the game "Super Mario Flash 2 Version.C"

    [UPDATE] Bowser caused a great mess in the world of Mario! Help him to escape this madness!
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What Others are Saying

javien322 | 13/100

This level WAS chaos. in the bad way. first there is a lot of tiling errors throughout the level. and why did you put the p-switch in an invisible block. when i first played this level. i thought that there was no P-switch in this level at all! so i first thought it was impossible. and dark lava does not go good with light lava. AND there was a lot of empty and unused space. i'm very sorry. but im going to have to give this a 13%. good luck with your future levels

01/12/19 at 1:58 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 14/100

(No Comment)

Level Layout: 7/30
Enemies: 12/30
Power-ups: 5/20
Level Design: 0/20
Compliments: ALOT (-10)
Total Score: 14

01/12/19 at 1:31 AM

wilserkormak | 91/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/11/19 at 4:17 PM

Mesopotamia | 30/100

Sorry, but this level is really poor. There is a lot of poor tiling especially at the beginning of the level, mainly involving lava, including a small lava tiling error at the beginning of the level. There are more tiling errors in this level as well, which I do not even want to describe. Not to mention, dark red lava does not go well with light red lava. There is even a podoboo placed poorly at the beginning of the level. Right at the beginning, there is an overload of Tile 1, which makes this level boring enough to make me stop playing after starting the level. There is also no scenery which made this level look even more boring. Lastly, never leave any space unused! Even some effortlessly-made wall is way better than having unused space.

TLDR: This level is really dull and boring with lots of errors. You are not making any real effort to even perfect the tiling of this level, let alone making it look interesting and fun to play.

01/11/19 at 7:00 AM

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