• Description: Wow! Mario has got past the entrance. Later on he finds a pipe that lead him to a dark, lava cave. Will he get past or not?
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What Others are Saying

Supermariogalaxy13 | 100/100

Not a bad level. I like the dark lava cave so this level deserves a 100/100. I like the bonus zone too.

01/19/19 at 11:10 AM

Vinicius BC | 80/100

This user did not provide a review.

01/14/19 at 9:08 AM

javien322 | 92/100

this level was not bad, but there's some flaws. for the beginning of the level you should put soundtrack 18. not 17. and the volcanic cave also should use soundtrack 18, not 05. i did not beat the whole level so yeah...

01/12/19 at 1:42 PM

JetWing34 | 80/100

This level could have been better if you actually used grey bricks and blocks in the volcanic cave. At around x420 of the volcanic cave zone, I saw that you used the brown bricks instead. There are some of the same challenges that you've recycled over and over from the previous levels, and to me, it's the same ol' gameplay.

Also, the volcanic cave should use Track 18 instead of Track 05. Just so you know, the volcanic cave or anything to do inside the volcano uses the dramatic Track 18.

At x2020, the metal fence and the lava may seem creative, but the lack of line art underneath the fence left a cutoff there.


01/12/19 at 8:01 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 86/100

Alright, First there are two problems in the level.
-After 14 deaths in the lava (Bullet Bill Section in X: 680) I'd was lucky that i skipped it by one perfect timing jump that wasn't intended in the level (Isn't it?)
-If Seriously... Why is there a Death warp in (First few pipes section X: 1780) how did it happen? Well, I went in a bouns room, went back down and killed Via Piranha plant.

Level Layout: 27/30
Enemies: 25/30
Power-ups: 17/20
Level Design: 19/20
Compliments: -2
Total Score: 86

Hey don't be sad, you made a good level, (but its hard tho) and quite challenging to get it done!
I hope you verify your level first before posting it, and i'd hope it will be better then this level, good luck!
Difficulty: Medium

01/12/19 at 7:24 AM

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