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IggyHopxD | 90/100

I don't really find remaking Nintendo levels something bad anymore. I'll be honest.

Now, I liked the way in which you remade it to be actually accurate in SMF3, and actually with different gameplay than the original (For example, no rising mushrooms, some different enemies that were not in the original thing, etc.). But, only thing is, that, I recommend, if you remake a level, to add more scenery, or change the design, so it doesn't look bland as the other Nintendo levels do. For the rest, it's an ok remake, not bad imo.

01/31/19 at 9:00 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 75/100

This level felt so slow, I had to kill my self because i had enough of it
-Boring gameplay
-Checkpoint Doesn't work
-Some Small boring Platforms

Level Layout: 21/30
Enemies: 20/30
Power-ups: 20/20
Level Design: 17/20
Compliments: -3
Total Score: 75

[] Follow the Tips based on what Anego has mentioned, good luck.

01/31/19 at 4:33 AM

Anego the Nihilego | 75/100

so... what can I say about this level? besides the new enemy placement and lack of functioning scaling mushrooms... it's literally butter bridge from super mario world!

so... starting off here, this remake was an interesting one since it wasn't a scale one to one remake, which I do approve of tossing in some new things to spice it up, and ya did! but... the thing is, due to the lack of scaling platforms... this level becomes much more boring if I had to tell the truth.

another thing, the checkpoint doesn't work at all... which is a bit bad really, since well... you'd expect to start there when you die, but nope! back to the start with you! to fix that... I would recommend that you place entrance 2 where the flag is, which would fix that major error.

so... all in all, this level is an interesting one. as for the the main thing, the level was a straight up a remake of super mario world's level of the same name, but well... it falls flat with the relatively boring gameplay and relatively boring enemy placement as well.

01/31/19 at 12:30 AM

powerman | 90/100

this level was great. just that the checkpoint dosen't work.

to make a checkpoint work. you have to put entrance #2 beside it
if you already have warps before the checkpoint. you'd have to replace it.
rating; 90/100
difficulty: easy
suggsted class: silver

01/30/19 at 11:31 PM

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