• Description: When Mario got past the flower fields he entered Boom Boom's castle. It looks like Boom Boom has put spinning platforms above lava. This isn't going to be good for Mario. This is the eighth level of Newer Super Mario Bros. U Deluxe and the end of Leaf Plains. Next level will be published on 26.1.2019. Hope you enjoy!
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Anego the Nihilego | 88/100

so, this level isn't half bad! it has the scenery, it has the gameplay, but it does have a few little flaws as well though!

first off, I must say that the rotating platform challenge this level has going for it was quite nice, and quite fun at times as well! the scenery was enough, like the castle walls and candles, which was a nice touch! but as for the rest, it could use a little more improvements.

the hidden room for one has cutoffs on each side, due to not having the other sides of the walls at all. this makes it look quite bad when you enter, as the rest of the level looked really good! which is what makes this room glaringly bad to see. another thing, mario goes in front of the pipe, which looks really awkward as well there.

as for the rest of the stage, a few other enemies than just dry bones and fireballs would have been nice, like maybe have a bony beetle patrolling a stone block a platform goes around or something? I dunno... but it would spice up the level a bit more!

now then, lastly we have Boom Boom's room. the football idea is nice I will say, and adds a challenge to it as well! but... the lava they go in can also be for boom boom, as when he jumps in, you lose, because you cannot grab the goal and beat the level. it's a pretty bad flaw if you ask me, since you'd be forced to do half the level all over again.

anyways, besides them two major flaws with Boom Boom and the hidden room... I really enjoyed this level you have here!

01/26/19 at 9:31 PM

Nathan nathan | 83/100

This is harder than a medium, but it's still a medium. Anyways, let's review!

The scenery and I kinda like how you used the blocks that are on page 39 inside the ground and scenery. I feel like you don't just have to scenery from pages 11, 39, and 40. You could also use scenery from page 10, more scenery from page 11, scenery from page 17, and 18. There's too much unused space at the top of the level, so you should make sure to fill all of the unused space with tiles. Do not put the pipe that's in the bonus room in layer 2. It doesn't look like Mario is entering or exiting the pipe. It's not good that you're putting single platforms on top of each other, so don't do that. The challenges were good, but they were repetitive. You don't have to just use single platforms, Dry Bones, and Podoboos.

You can also use Bony Beetles, Thwimps, Thwomps, Spinys, Buzzy Beetles, and Chain Balls. A little of the challenges are too spaced. For example, at 2020X and 660Y, and also from 2280X to 2700X. There is a problem where Boom Boom falls into the lava, which means that you can't get the magic ball that he leaves on top of the lava, since the scroll is locked horizontally. The enemy placement could be better, but it's still good. Overall, pretty good level. I'll give it a 83/100. Good job! (Medium) :3

Things that I have taken points away for:
Repetitive Scenery (-2)
Unused Space (-3)
Putting a Pipe in Layer 2 (-2)
Putting Single Platforms on Top of Each Other (-2)
Repetitive Challenges (-2)
Too Spaced Challenges (-1)
Boom Boom Being Able to Run Into the Lava (-3)
Enemy Placement That Could Be Better (-2)

01/26/19 at 5:06 PM

Rambocam7 | 85/100

This is a great level, and with a high potential to have been one of the best, and i will explain why.

First, the complaints: be sure to fill the level completely with tiles, there are too much unused space on the top, most likely in the bonus zone that you did where the advance coin is (-5); then, place the pipe that you will use for warp in the layer 1, if you place it in layer 2 Mario didn't see as entering the pipe when using it (-5). Finally, the boss battle with stamina is ok, but there is a change that the boss kills itself and you are unable to finish the level (without dying first), a mistake you should consider before finishing the level. (-5)

Good things are: the design and overall layout for this level are awesome, i liked the challenges in platforms, the enemies were well placed and there was not blind jumps spoted, the custom music was nice too, as well the challenge for reaching advance coin the "bonus" area.

This level overall is very good and I enjoyed it a lot, but some mistakes can be fixed for a next time.
Well done, Golden Apple! This one gets a 85/100 and medium difficulty.

01/25/19 at 8:25 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 75/100

What do I say about this level, what an awesome suspenseful castle level, but it had a lot of problems
-There was kind of abused moving platforms
-Unused Y-space
-Preview of a smiley face when you die in the bonus zone (Can be fixed by placing Auto-Scroll 1)
-Poor tile filling in the bonus zone
-Boom Boom can actually suicide by running into the lava
-Why does the boss room have stamina mode on? I'm Considering it as a Developer's Exit
+Quite funny to see that my name was the level code

Level Layout: 15/30
Enemies: 25/30
Power-ups: 20/20
Level Design: 20/20
Compliments: -5
Total Score: 75 (Medium)

[] Minimize the use of moving platforms when using them, otherwise, it would look quite confusing
[] Fill the level with blocks if you don't want any space unused or use them for bonus rooms or larger bonus rooms.
[] Use Auto-Scroll when necessary
[] Tbh, The Design was superior, why not do the same to grass levels?
[] Make sure there is a Possible Exit

01/25/19 at 5:48 AM

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