• Description: Koopa Invasion of Mushroom Kingdom 5th Level

    Story: Mario has finally found a way out of the closing caves, but things got worse. He is now stuck in a dark and dangerous ocean. Can he find a way out of the ocean, or will his body be lost in the ocean forever?

    NOTE: Be careful of certain parts of the level, as they are traps to trigger extra enemies that increase the difficulty of these parts.
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What Others are Saying

luiginose | 95/100

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02/12/19 at 1:36 PM

Janos | 98/100

It's not often you see a vertical water level, only problem I found was that when you grab the fire flowers while swimming you instantly lose them as you just clip into the ceiling. Other than that this was a fun level

02/06/19 at 8:27 PM

Vinicius BC | 98/100

This level is incredible, but in x20 y680 there is a small flaw that only the small mario goes through and Fire Mario can not, but having the fire flower up challenge does not take too many rate points.

02/05/19 at 11:58 AM

Anego the Nihilego | 95/100

so... what can I say about this level? it's honestly really good!

first off, the scenery was great, even with it's simplistic design it had. I can't say much more about the scenery sadly, but it's there, and ya did a good job with it!

as for the challenges, they were varied and all good in their own rights. I'd say my favorite has to be the torpedo ted launcher at the end where you've gotta take cover in the alcoves above where it travels, which was a fun little challenge ya had there! another challenge I really liked was the urchin dodging at the start, even if it was a simple one that is.

anyways... now for the few bad things this level has.
there... really wasn't much, but the area with the four bill blasters were a bit too much for one tiny area, considering they are right next to each other. another thing is... at least one of the urchins explodes there as well, which looks a bit odd really.

the only other flaw I can find is the torpedo ted launcher paired with the spikes, as when big... it's kinda impossible to get through without taking a hit, and even if it is possible... you've gotta be a god at split second timing as well to avoid the spikes as well. gladly, you did provide a fire flower right after that, making it far less of a bad flaw.

anyways... besides them two small flaws I said... this level here is an incredible example of a good water level! so congrats, at making such a great level here!

02/04/19 at 3:31 PM

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