• Description: This was usally a place filled with water but something broke into the sewers and the cheeps cheeps are everywhere! Mario was sent to invetigate the sewers. When Mario finds out that the pipes were broken he thought it was bowser's plans again! The damage looked like a bobomb did it.
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What Others are Saying

SuperSonicChaos | 90/100

No words... Just it has problems here and there, but someone below possibly already dealt with all that explaining. . .

02/18/19 at 7:51 PM

Anego the Nihilego | 90/100

well, what can I say? this level is good, but has some flaws in it as well.

first off, I gotta say, even though the gameplay was quite simple for the most part, I did enjoy it quite a lot! I would say my favorite part was the thwimp in the castle area, with how he went all leeroy jenkins into the pit trying to hit you. it was... something I really never saw before to tell the truth! as for the scenery, it was quite good I must say as well, but... in the castle there were some cutoffs sadly with the walls. due to how the ground is slightly rounded, it leaves some cracks to where you can see through. but... that's not a big deal!

as for the flaws? well... I feel where the four dolphins are is a bit too much on enemies, with the paratroopa, cannons, and cheep cheeps included. it... wasn't really a pretty sight to tell the truth. the other two flaws are in the castle segment, as one of the black pipes, at 1400x to be exact, has a really noticeable cutoff at the top where the water is coming out. it's... not a pretty sight to tell the truth, and using a pipe bottom would work better as it would be all cutoff like.

the other castle flaw that is more IMO than a real one is how you had water BEHIND a wall at 900x, as it made me expect to fall though and land in the second visible pool of water to avoid the cheep cheep, but instead, the water ended up tricking me from behind the wall. it's not a bad flaw, or really a flaw for most people either but... I do feel that having it that way can lead to some... questionable deaths by fish. mainly since you wouldn't know there is water there given how the rest of the level played as well.

so... all in all, besides the cutoffs and enemy spam where the dolphins are at, this is a pretty good level! and don't worry, I won't take off points for the water behind the wall since it's just a personal thing of mine I'm not a huge fan of...

02/18/19 at 4:48 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 93/100

it had a good atmosphere, but just felt dull overall.

good scenery, but then parts where everything you see is just this: https://imgur.com/a/KuukoIy
empty, no gameplay, just terrain, you highly prioritised putting in scenery than putting in gameplay, which is a shame as you could've done so much with this theme but didn't.

instead you just spam cheep cheeps randomly and hope it works out, please properly test your levels and remove any badly placed/unsuiting sprites/tiles or rearrange them so you atleast have some gameplay, because i can tell you

taking a walk with my dog through the woods is probably much harder than what you put down here.

might sound harsh but it simply is too bland to play.

-dont spam sprites in 1 spot, even if they're just unharmfull cheep cheep, it makes the level feel cluttered; spread out your sprites a bit more.
-if you dont see any platforming/enemy in one screen, you might want to add something, unless its a heavily needed safespot (which wasnt the case for anywhere in this level)
-focus on gameplay; correct badly placed tiles/sprites

btw: lul cutoff near the checkpoint, lul axe deoderant (-0)

the bare minimum i can give you for this is 75%.

scenery got the praise the gameplay deserved.


a lot of cheep cheep spam was removed and you put in some more challenges, but everything still is extremely loosely placed, i'll up your grade to 93/100.

02/18/19 at 4:34 PM

Salvo_034 | 100/100

great level!

02/18/19 at 1:11 PM

Mesopotamia | 100/100

This level was GREAT! I don't care if this level had some of the weirdest things going on possible, such as the bushes on non-grass platform, and the overload of cheep-cheeps that are mostly harmless (due to the fact that most don't get on water). Normally, I would rate down on levels with overload, but since those cheep-cheeps are mostly harmless, I'd look the other way. The second thing of this level I'd want to mention is the fact that the level gets bland near the end with Map 4 having just... water, pipes, etc. But that doesn't mean I'd rate low for it since this is clearly made with so much effort (which I don't usually bother with unless I'd want to make something big)

After you clarified a few things with me, I think this level deserves a PERFECT rating and EASY difficulty.

02/18/19 at 1:06 PM

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