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AnemoneLemon | 65/100

I'll say it again and again. Spend more time building your levels. You have great potential, but you have to push yourself further than 𝘵𝘩𝘪𝘴.

The good:

-I really liked the scenery in map. It even makes me jealous, as I am not as creative with my scenery.
-Good Custom music, as always.
-A few creative challenges, such a the shell spring jump.

The Bad, and I mean 𝘳𝘦𝘢𝘭𝘭𝘺 bad:

-Scenery is not good at the start of map 2, but it's difficult for me to explain why.
-Level is far too short.
-Challenges get very repetitive very fast, and with little variation.
-Did I mention the level was far too short?
-If it wasn't for the scenery, I would think this level was made within an hour.

But worst of all is the wasted potential, you are clearly capable of making good levels. You just don't appear to be trying.

My recommendation:

Take more time to build your levels. It's taking me days to build my current underwater level, because I am constantly play testing to see if it's fair, high-quality, and fun. It's also a very big stage.

Work even across all of your levels. I play your stages a lot, and many of them have good scenery at the start, but then looks bland near the end. Make sure all of your level contains some scenery.

Most importantly, work on monster placement and ensuring your challenges vary, and stay fresh throughout the level. Make sure these challenges are fair to the player.

This level is bronze at best, and the reason is because you spent too little time and effort making it. Most of the effort went to the scenery at the start it seems, and it's a shame imo.

02/27/19 at 10:27 PM

Sharkboy01 | 63/100

It wasnt bad.I like the design at the Beggining but its too short and some parts are waaaaaaayyy too hard.It was alright

02/27/19 at 7:01 PM

Marcus | 75/100

Spider House... you see, I would rate this level, but my mom says I spend too much time on the web .

Gave me the opportunity to make a pun.
• The opening area was very beautiful; actually resembled a ghost house.
• Great music (I've encountered this one in a SMBX level before)
• Correct usage of Auto-scroll (No cutoffs with tiles in Layer 2)
• The springboard/shell mechanic was pretty neat.
• Using Yoshi to bounce off piranha plants was quite creative.

• The level felt rather short, and didn't last long enough to become exciting.
• There seemed to be some scenery spam in the beginning of the 2nd map, and it didn't look that nice.
• The challenges with the piranha's were a bit too simple, and the 4th plant in the first area was placed too high, making it almost impossible to cross with Yoshi.
• I would try to prevent making the semi-solid ghost tiles (Tile 2336,2337) only 2 tiles long, as the pillars underneath makes it look ugly.

• The piranha plants can only be bounced on when they are rising or falling, not when they are at a standstill. I won't take off for this, as I don't believe it is your fault for this bug.
• If you didn't realize, Yoshi can walk on spikes now, so if you managed to cross the lava on the plants, you no longer have to try to jump and land in between them.
• The secret exit was pretty much inevitable to get, as the screen was auto-scrolling.

Overall, there is some room for improvement, but the level had its pluses, so nice work!

Rating: 75/100

02/27/19 at 4:35 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 71/100

enjoyable, but... way too short, i'll still grade you normally but i'll deduct 20 points for this as you already used a very short amount of X and then cut out a lot of it using walls and unused space.
okay so... like i said, i had some fun playing this, but it felt a bit janky, the web spam you put in afer you entered the first door looked really odd and bothersome, then you set up a bouncing spring... i liked the idea tbh, and only found out it was timed properly with your jump onto it the second time i tried, so hey pretty cool...!

then you just made things go a bit "?" for me as you set up some piranha plants to jump off of with yoshi, and in their idle pose (not jumping) you cant jump on them with yoshi, you fall right through, which kinda is just poor leveldesign and can be confusing to new players who don't know of that yet.

then you had a simple short part with spikes, didnt know what that was about as you can walk on em with yoshi.
then... erm well... pretty cheap death asi expected it to be just a coin bridge to the door... nope. put some indicators for tha there'll be blocks in your way next time, it made the death pretty cheap.

after that i didn't see anything bad anymore really, overall pretty simple (you repeated the piranha plant thing, ik)
i liked your secret exit (im giving you 3 pts back for this...?)

1 more thing: the p-switches were a waste of the music, you shouldn't have made any p-switch challenges and just keep the music going.

it all adds up into something... erm... odd, but still likeable i guess...

way too short, messy, still fun though.


02/27/19 at 1:56 PM

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