• Description: Warning!!!: This level is not compatible with the version of level place! Please use this link to the original version of Super Mario Flash! Link: https://playmariogames.com/super-mario-flash
  • Contributors: Jack220141
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What Others are Saying

CREATIVE | 63/100

Eh, not a bad level overall. There were a lot of cutoffs. For example, you shouldn't stack lava, you should use tile 240 if you want to make the lava look deeper. Also, the way you placed fire bars between two castle tiles (tile 13), was a minor cutoff. I also didn't like how the up/down piranha plants were placed on top of the castle tiles. Also, there wasn't any scenery at all. No obstacles or challenges were put into the level either. The gameplay was overall very flat, besides the fact that there were surprise bullet bills and flames. But overall it was decent.

Gameplay: 7/10
Challenges/Obstacles: 7/10
Monster Placement: 6/10
Aesthetics: 5/10

Total: 62.5/100

- Creative

03/16/19 at 12:07 AM

yoshimarioluigi | 62/100

Ehh it was okay... some really ugly tiling (lava, the platforms the spinning flames are on) and bad enemy placement (bullet bi at the start, piranha pats look weird coming from the castle floor)... Good luck next time, though!

03/15/19 at 4:45 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 78/100

pretty ok, only thing is is that the bullet bills were placed borderline unfair as they forced you to wait and the flames were even more unfair as they always hit you at specfic spots where acting would be difficult, this was an extremely big issue when dealing with the second hammerbrother too as jumping on him would basically just get you hitby the flame without any way of prevention.

didn't know you could use a castle to browse(r) btw :thinking:
also: the level worked in the version of smf on lp, the code hasn't changed in any way in the updates smf has gotten, meaning the new one is your best bet as the old one has tons of annoying bugs which lead to more deaths.

style was obviously classics, had nothing creative going so... not impressed by anything.

other notes: part at the pipes felt pretty empty and the piranha plants felt pretty random and out of place, but in general i'd consider this a pretty decent level so... silver grading expected there

pretty ok, yet cheap at time


03/15/19 at 4:37 PM

Golden Apple | 85/100

The scenery is very nice, but the Bullet Bills are hard to avoid. Try better next time! Hope you learned something.

03/15/19 at 2:39 PM

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