• Description: kaiso
  • Contributors: trllol
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What Others are Saying

Nuozzu4 | 1/100

troll detected....

04/17/19 at 1:02 AM

Build | 1/100

This kazio level looks bad, it looks like a troll level. the hidden blocks when you make jumps were bad and trolly. you should try to make a actual good level, not a troll kazio kind of level. I died several times from trolls, like the hidden blocks. It seems almost impossible to make the perfect continuous jumps on the ninjis.

04/16/19 at 2:00 PM

Mudkip | 1/100

ngl fam thatn level waz wickkked siiiiiiiiiixk lad only problemzzzzzz is that i dont want to ebbee bannenesd so ihave to raight it 1m nogtt= 1000

04/16/19 at 1:31 PM

DJ Ketchum | 1/100

"Kaiso Trllol" Do you mean Kaizo Troll

This is just a terrible kaizo level, do you expect me to keep track of a monty mole, troll block, and a thwomp?

Difficulty: Trolly

Final Score: IDC I'm not in the mood to score it, so I'm leaving the score at 1, but I'm basically not scoring it because LP forces me to have a score, which is why it'll say 1/100.

I'm only here for the 2 XP just so I can get rank 7 anyways and edit my wiki page

~BlaydeChan Animations

04/16/19 at 7:43 AM

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