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  • Contributors: Overseer and BlaydeChan Animations
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awesomeness777 | 46/100

This was better than your first level :))

It still was too short (2200x) though :((((((you used space well though))))))

It had better challenges, and looked better than your first level did (more scenery and tile variety). Unfortunately, the leaves looked really weird scrolling up your screen like TFD said (though they looked good in the bossfight, with the piranha plants). you should only use those in levels with no height. The spikes also looked a bit weird and unfitting, but they were a good challenge. Use munchers next time (those plant looking things on tileset page 6). Unlike what TFD said, I didn't find the bossfight that generic, since there were 2 fire piranha plants. I did find the stamina mode bad though, since I could just run through all of the challenges (which, by the way , were just koopas and shy guys (bad enemy variety :O:O:O:O:O))

Overall, this level was better than your first level, but still had several mistakes. It was sort of fun.

Difficulty: Extreme Easy --- Somewhat challengingish (especially the bossfight), but stamina mode and powerups.

Btw, the checkpoint was unnecessary since the level was so short and there were some blind jumps.

04/19/19 at 9:57 AM

The Flying Dutchman | 63/100

much better than your first level seeing how that one went, it had a decent size but still felt a bit, and the checkpoint wasnt nescecary in all honesty.

the tiling was done pretty well, no troubles there, my only complaint in that section would be the fact the leaves felt really odd to play with due to their scrolling up and down with your screen.

the gameplay in this level was quite dull and short, the challenges were pretty much not there throughot the whole level and enemies could simply be ignored as being in the level, and the lakitu also had improper placement as jumping on it would still show him onscreen due to them not stopping their fall. Also: the fact you enabled hp mode made the gameplay even more boring for the fact there literally was no sense of punsihment for rushing though everything, taking the most stupid hits in the progress.

the bossfight was pretty dull and simple, there wasnt a real twist to it and well... just another generic boomboom fight.

the level in itself was decent however, so i'll grade you accordingly for that.


04/17/19 at 10:28 AM

LuigiXD/_29 | 70/100

This user did not provide a review.

04/16/19 at 2:43 PM

xavier | 75/100

difficulti medium

04/16/19 at 2:16 PM

DJ Ketchum | 60/100

HP mode, I don't mind it, the blind jump early in the level, I do mind, plus if you jump to the right of the pipe and miss the mushroom semi-solid, you HAVE to die, that's not the only blind jump, there's 3, (-5 for each blind jump, -10 for forced death/softlock) where are those blind jumps you ask:

-X: 520
-X: 840-1180
-X: 1500

why is it caused: unused Y-axis space. (-5)

this is easy to fix:

copy the code and paste it into a document app, go to the 5th number in the code after the text and set the 5th number to 0, then copy the document-created code and paste it into SMF3's code.

(note: these are close approximations of the blind jumps.)

then there's the scenery, oh wait THERE IS NONE (-10)

Difficulty: Easy

Final score: 60/100

~BlaydeChan Animations

04/16/19 at 7:32 AM

Overseer | 80/100


A tree appeared out of nowhere and left again at the checkpoint area.
There's a cut-off at the pipe to the boss arena.
And you can get stuck on a small platform near the mushroom area, and your only choice is to fall off the ledge.

But this level was still pretty decent, good job.
Also, try adding some bushes or something on the ground to make the level look better.

04/16/19 at 7:29 AM

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