• Description: este é o primeiro level de uma nova serie de leveis que quero criar então é normal ser um pouco mais simples e sem graça porem os próximos serão melhores (this is the first level of a new series of levels that I want to create so it's normal to be a bit simpler and fat free but the Next ones will be better)
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What Others are Saying

LuigiXD/_29 | 80/100

This user did not provide a review.

05/02/19 at 10:18 AM

StarTigerrr | 90/100

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05/02/19 at 4:34 AM

gabrielrofelipe | 95/100

Eu gostei do nível. Foi divertido! Curto o modo clássico. Continue fazendo mais níveis como esse. :D

05/01/19 at 12:40 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 77/100

i really liked the overal design on this level, a jolly simple easy level.

the start by far was the best designed part, fair easy challenges which were pretty much not skippable, after that you pretty quickly gave out a power-up and the pace increased a lot, dimming the strong design it had.

the secret was extremely obvious and made for an easy Yoshi too, making you cruise through everything like its nothing (mainly because you had a lot of power-ups though) and making the secret ending free

but eh, after the checkpoint near the secret endign there wasn't too much interesting gameplay anyways, challenges became a filler and just bland, try to work on those.


05/01/19 at 11:57 AM

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