• Description: a aventura continua, este nível esta um pouco curto mas eu vou fazer todos os niveis do primeiro mundo curtos como são os jogos mesmo, espero que gostem
    (the adventure continues, this level is a bit short but I will make all the first world levels short as are the games themselves, I hope you enjoy)
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What Others are Saying

The Flying Dutchman | 51/100

there wasn't overal a real issue with the level, the design felt properly done, tiling was nice, you had a nice template going for challenges, but then...

the execution failed right of the bat as you put in straight up repetitve monty moles in an extremely spammy fashion, and you kept this going, spam down a few enemies randomly, unengaging gamelay... repetitive.

it turned it all from an ok level into a sloppy spammy mess, i'' d recommend you put more effort into your levels and design challenges properly.


05/04/19 at 11:33 AM

Lefty | 33/100

Graphical Question: The Level was Polished, Dont' Have Too Many Cut-Offs and the Background combines with the Titles that was Used, But I Missed some Decoration (Like: Bushes,Trees or Vines to the GrassLand and Stalactites or Bones on the Underground/Cave Part). I See a Positive Point on the Begining of the Level were Orange Pipes Symbolized that the Pipe don't has Piranha Plants.(15 Graphical Points)

Gameplay Question: A Negative Gameplay Point is the Fact that on the Begining of the Level it has a Enemy Spam with the Monty Moles and on the Underground/Cave Stage there is a Baseball C.Chuck Turning the Level Imbossible, Another Negative Gameplay Point is the Fact that Only in the Middle of the Level we can Find a Powerup (The Hidden Cape Feather), Making the Level Realy Unfair.(5 Gameplay Points)

Creativity Question: The Level was Very Basic, just a Linear Way with Some Jumping and Warping Parts, There is a Usless Mega Mole at X: 1460 Y: 240, the Only Creative Part was on X:1820 Y: 240 Using the Key as a Block.(7 Creativity Points)

Secrets Question: One of the Worst Points of the Level, the First Secret Part is Fly with the Cape a Giant Hole that Goes From X: 2840 Y: 240 to X: 4120 Y: 240 and the Second Being not Very Secret, Just a Few 1UP Mushrooms, Even Without a Secret Exit with a Hidden Key! (6 Secret Points )

Guess you can do Better, Dude! 😉

05/04/19 at 11:19 AM

StarTigerrr | 50/100

The same as Allen.

05/04/19 at 3:06 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 50/100

No wonder why Spanish is involved here,
-Cheap Deaths at the beginning with Excessive enemy placement
-Grass cut-offs in 220x 120y, 1260x 240y
-Slope Glitches at, 2520x 220y (A lot of them) (-2)
-Water Cut-off in 2640x 240y
-Cave Cut-off in the beginning
-Flat and Boring Gameplay,
-Less Scenery in the underground
-Unfair Chuck enemy placement in 480x 240y

Level Layout: 13/30
Enemies: 19/30
Power-ups: 18/20
Level Design: 9/20
Compliments: -9
Total Score: 50 (Easy - Normal)

05/03/19 at 8:47 PM

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