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    Before making their way out of the cave and back up top Grassy Hilly Plains, Bar5723 decided to let Mario and his friends march ahead. Bar5723 wanted to backtrack in Golden Brick Block Caves because he sensed there was something cool inside!

    He found a Key and knowing what this was for, it led him to a bonus stage!



    Collect as many coins as you can, gather up all the P-switches, pound all the four-colored switches, then head to the finish! But watch out for enemies! Good luck!!
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What Others are Saying

JetWing34 | 65/100

This level pretty much summed up what everybody just said in their respective reviews. Challenges in the level were extremely repetitive, and the tile placement in the level looked pretty bad. A professional bonus land level should have bonus land tiles.

The monster sprites could have been placed in better spots since the challenges are already repetitive and you have the galoombas stuffed as a slight overload.

However, I praise this level despite the mixed-to-negative reception based on the fact you actually have backtracking as the main unique challenge. The number one thing in this level is not only the backtrack, which I've already said but the four different palace switches used throughout the level as part of this experience.

The biggest disappointments were the tile placement, the challenges, and the monster sprites. If you can strategically figure out how to fix these problems that cause the point deductions, I'll be more than happy to re-rate the level higher than it stands.


06/16/19 at 7:36 AM

TheTroll73 | 60/100

hmm creative concept bro

However many of the challenges are repetitive and you also need to work on that enemy placement a bit imo.

Also the tiling is ugly with all the blocks. Use the bonus world tiles to make it look nicer. Do not worry no one will complain about no scenery in bonus world levels afaik, but I don't care about the scenery.\\

You eventually make this level too easy too as unlocking palace switches causes to activate their blocks, which have powerups inside. So really getting hit just means going back a few steps to get the powerup anew.

This level gets a 60 from me.

06/16/19 at 4:50 AM

catmario | 60/100

I dont really like the level but it was cool, sometimes the enemies spawn just in your face, and you can just jump to get in the door, but it was cool, i will give a 60/100.

-10 for the repetitive challenge
-20 for the enemies (sorry)
-10 for the fact that you only used one block in the entire level
+60 for the creative level

06/13/19 at 2:59 PM

DragonHeart | 58/100

Scenery: 5/25
Gameplay: 8/20
Repetitive Challenge (-10)

Here's why: So with the scenery, you literally only used one block throughout the entire level, and for the gameplay, you repeated the same puzzle over and over again. Your sprite spawning was pretty great though.


Difficulty: Easy

Good Job!

06/07/19 at 5:27 PM

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