• Description: good luck there are to much hidden blocks ^_-
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What Others are Saying

TheTroll73 | 40/100

The users below have summed pretty much all nicely.

It's really disapointing to see that the "choose a door" challenge is used tbh it's not fun for anyone.

There are some obvious tiling issues (cutoffs) that barely need mentioning to remove points for.

You also need to work on enemy placement since it seems you just placed enemies randomly (?). Even if you didn't it means you need to try to improve that aspect. Don't worry, you'll learn how to place enemies well if you keep trying.


06/16/19 at 5:39 AM

AllenCaspe9510 | 30/100

This user did not provide a review.

06/16/19 at 5:01 AM

pedro gustavo | 50/100

and everything so empty, but until it has a bit of quality
level design 5/10
decoration 3/10
Challenge 6/10
gameplay 6/10
extra 6/10

06/14/19 at 12:50 PM

DragonHeart | 32/100

Okay so overall the level was sort of fun, but the spawn kill at the start ruined it. There really wasn't anything great in the gameplay at all, it sort of seems like you just clicked on a bunch of sprites and put them every where, although I did like some of the ideas you had for gameplay. I wish you would've chosen a different background or different blocks because the scenery and background do not really match. Speaking of the scenery it was very bare and you probably could've covered more space with decorations.

Decoration 2/25
Gameplay 5/20
Spawn Kill (-10)
Extreme Lack of Decoration (-10)
Choose the Door Challenge (-10)

Keep trying!


06/08/19 at 7:17 AM

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