• Description: https://youtu.be/qjB6DHMWhP4

    A level dedicated to przem1994. Its a castle level, another generic level. At x400 you need a glitch, you have to press up and down to jump above the koopa, in the video you can see how to do it. The level is based on my old pg level "The magican temple". Rate high and have fun!

    przem1994 profile: https://www.levelpalace.com/profile?user_id=55
  • Contributors: one piranah plant in the level
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What Others are Saying

javien322 | 100/100

Great Job! That was very cool. Design and enemies went well
-I could not figure out how to do the glitch -1 :(
+However, the rest of the level was pretty fun +1 :)
Difficulty: This level would probably be good to be used in "Kaizo Mario World" (Extreme)
Compliments: Normal
Overall Score: 100
Overall Class: Gold

06/13/19 at 5:03 PM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

Una vez más, es un muy buen nivel. El tema de castillo dorado no es usado tanto últimamente en niveles, así que me pone feliz ver uno después de tiempo sin haberlos visto. También, me encanta que hayas usado el glitch de Mario pasando sin lastimarse a través del Parakoopa, del cual me había olvidado de que existía por cierto, así que gracias por haberme hecho acordar de él :P

En resumen, muy buen nivel. Los desafíos fueron geniales, y el diseño era interesante y bien hecho. Le doy 100/100 y dificultad difícil!

06/12/19 at 8:53 PM

JetWing34 | 100/100

This is a really good level to pay recognition to one of the greatest level makers of all-time! This may be a castle level, but all of the challenges were unique and full of great twists and turns! Brown castle levels are full of great surprises, and with the background set like that, the scenery and tiles matched perfectly well!

To some that can't actually beat the level, yes, the one challenge at x400 is possible. This is an ages-long glitch discovered some period of time in 2009 or 2010. Because I have 11 years of SMF1 level playing experience, I professionally beat that challenge and it was fantastic!

Monsters were placed extremely well. The Bowser (who throws hammers and shoot fireballs out of its mouth) was a pretty good conclusion to the level. The best challenges and great gameplay are mostly the reason I give this level a perfect rating!

Great work, H-Mania!

06/10/19 at 8:18 AM

DragonHeart | 100/100

Throughout the entire level very creative yet challenging challenges were presented one after the other. Great Work, perfect in every way! Although I would say the difficulty is at least hard.

06/10/19 at 7:01 AM

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