• Description: This airship is like a cruise.
  • Contributors: Segen
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DrBrains | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/02/19 at 10:17 AM

adam02oc | 74/100


* Pros:
- Toad/Peach Hybrid. Need I say more?
- The level certainly did not lack variety. A range of different tiles and sprites were used, which prevented the stage from becoming too bland or repetitive.
- The Princess Peach portraits were a clever touch.

* Cons:
- The level suffers from severe clutter and clashing tiles. This made it seem messy and sometimes downright ugly at times.
- CUTOFFS!! DAMN CUTOFFS!!@#~ ... Sorry about that, I just hate cutoffs. They are relatively few and far between, but there really shouldn't be any.


* Pros:
- Level was possible to finish.
- There were no unintentional areas where the player could accidentally become stuck and unable to finish the level, at least from what I saw.

* Cons:
- Some items I felt served little function and could have been removed from the stage, such as the Wall-Climb tile at X 2740 Y 560.


* Pros:
- The level had good consistency in its sprites and background and decent consistency in its tiling

* Cons:
- The haphazard and random selection of tiling seemed strange and out-of-place.
- Very nit picky here, but why does the stage start out with a Volcanic setting? It seems very out of place for an airship level, even if it is only at the start.


* Pros:
- This is easily the strongest aspect of this level. I had good fun with the platforming and backtracking challenges presented and rarely felt bored at any stage of the level, which is vital for any game.
- Advance Coin challenges were a nice touch and didn't get in the way of normal gameplay.

* Cons:
- Some sections of gameplay became kind of predictable after a while, but not too much so.


GRAND TOTAL: 29.5/40
(Rounded up): 74%


REMEMBER: Be wary of clutter and messy level design!

06/17/19 at 10:29 AM

SMLFlash | 81/100


06/13/19 at 2:42 PM

nickyfly45 | 75/100

Ok, so I like the theme is placed (inside of an airship) but this level has some flaws. It is still a great level, I just have to be honest.

Scenery: 6/10. It fits well, but I seem to see white spaces in the background. Not sure what it resembles. I also see a bunch of toads, some have their bodies cut off.

Length: 11/15. This isn't a linear level, which is a good thing, however, each path should've taken similar amounts of time, because of the way I completed this level, there is a way to finish very quickly, and this level looks like it could've taken time to beat.

Gameplay: 8/10. This plays well, however, some segments seem easy. You can easily tweak these segments by applying more difficulty.

Layout: 15/15. The layout, while you can fall at times, generally resembles an airship level and actually feels like you're playing with a bit of challenge. Speaking of...

Challenge: 14/20. This level holds challenges, but not so that would make it challenging. This is more or less an easy level, with a bit of a challenge.

Placement of Objects: 6/10. I really like how you stacked goombas to create goombas that require multiple hits to kill, however, you can fall at times and the placements of some objects confuse me.

Creativity: 18/20. I love how innovative and inspirational this level is. It combines many ideas into one and overall creates a great airship level.

Overall, this level is great, and while there are some weird placements (-3 bp[bonus points]) it expresses an innovative level. Final Score:


06/12/19 at 3:19 PM

DragonHeart | 76/100

To start with I really loved how you made the entire map inside of a ship (+3). Really the gameplay was quite good, though it felt like there was a lot of ways to just complete each challenge without knowing if your even going the right way. The detail is a bit weird, it sort of feels a bit experimental and messy. The enemy placements were messy aswell because you put enemies on top of enemies in a couple of places. I do like the creativity of the level, from the detail to the gameplay it was quite creative.

Gameplay: 13/25
Scenery: 18/25
Challenges: 6/10
Creativity: 10/10
Lvl Layout 13/10
Enemy Placements: 7/10
Length 4/5 - I finished fast with pretty little effort though I am confused by how many different entrances you have throughout the level.
Coins: 5/5

76/100 Great Work!

Difficulty: Easy

06/12/19 at 10:29 AM

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