• Description: UPDATE: So I decided to keep this as my contest entry since it seems unfair to replace it with something else. I'm fine deciding to not make a 2nd contest attempt no matter how much I don't like this.

    Ugh. To be honest this isn't my proudest work. I had no idea when the contest would end so I rushed it thinking I could get this in for the contest before it supposedly ended when in actuality the contest is still going. Just be aware of that when playing this level.

    Original description: This my entry for the 4th LP Contest where the goal is for a level to have a unique gimmick. My gimmick is that the entire level uses some type of autoscroll. Enjoy!
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Depo | 70/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/19/19 at 12:27 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 39/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

This level...
-The gimmick here is not really interesting
-It had a cut-off at 1440x 0y and 4180x 0y (-3)
-Most of these parts are were not interesting, the fire flower was made to make the level easier and yet too close to the next power-up
-The checkpoint sends you back to the ship
-There was not enough scenery at the castle

Gameplay: 14/30
Level Layout: 11/25
Level Style/Design: 15/20
Compliments: -7
Total Score: 33
[] Again, the level was really enjoying, but not interesting at all. Very standard based but not really challenging for some reason.
Now what do we have here?
[] Just a simple auto scroll stage, seriously?
Gimmick Technique: 2/10
Gimmick Variety: 3/10
Gimmick Uniqueness: 1/5
Score: 6
[] The gimmick wasn't used in unique ways except the a bit nice ones, and pretty much speechless as intended
Good standard legit lmao level, Auto scroll usuage improvement is adviced and improved challenges is a must. Most of the level is auto-scroll based
Final Score: 39

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 9/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Thank you for your entry, blah blah the usual stuff you know the deal, im a judge and imma do the ratey thingy.

Unique Gimmick
I don't exactly get what was so unique about generic autoscroll, especially since there was no creative usage of it and just... bland. I've seen lots n lots of autoscroll levels to the point where this isn't unique.

2/25 points

In depth Review
There isn't much to say about this level besides one clear point: you kept repeating the same challenges and... they were nothing but waiting challenges. The first bit is waiting for the platforms to get you up, then to wait for the deathblocks to go down, get a mushroom and jump right over some weird challenge which isnt a challenge and bam, you're done with the first section.

The best section was the second one, but the only gimmick this had was you recouring lava (well, death blocks) into some poison. The gameplay here was unengaging and the fireflower really wasn't needed to give out as it only made the level boring.

For the last section you put down a checkpoint which... send you right back to the poison lake section... which erm... just set an entrance 2 next to the checkpoint in smf3 next time oke? anyways last section was more waiting and a repetition of the death block spring challenge.
overal pretty bland.

7/75 points

Final Score
2+7 = 9

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

LaserTrap_ | 17/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Well I'm not fond of the gimmick for starters. I wouldn't call the concept unique, but autoscrolls should have an opportunity to be creative and unique, which I'm sorry to say was not. Most of the time the A3 used was not even a challenge to the player, as there was next to no risk, and in the A2 section was very lackluster. This called for a bland overall level, which I'll get onto now.

This level had quite a few issues all around, but I'll start with the graphics just for some ground on each area you could improve. Some of the moving parts in the first section worked as hiding beneath layer 1, but others didn't, particularly seen with the first slope. There were also some cutoffs in the terrain you used; see x:400 for two in the same screen. I do understand what you were going for, but that doesn't appear to be possible with the particular tileset. I also didn't understand what you were going for with the on/off blocks at x:700, since they weren't necessary, nor were the springs underneath. The acid in the A2 section could have been done a bit better, since it came off as a solid object when it should have been more liquidised. Most notably, it doesn't make sense when, for example, you shoot a fireball and it bounces off the surface. Other noteworthy issues with the graphics would include the end. It doesn't look good with the scattered dark tiles.

Challenges in general weren't good either. I didn't come across a single challenge that made me think it was good, actually. It's just that the enemy placements didn't have anything going for them, and the A3 didn't really offer anything, nor did the A2 actually spice anything else. I didn't care much for torpedo tets being out of the water either.

My rate for the gimmick presented is 4/25;

My rate for the overall level presented is 13/75;

Therefore my final score for "Moving Mayhem (LP CONTEST ENTRY)" will be 17/100.

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

JetWing34 | 70/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

The gimmick used in this level involves using downhill slopes and bouncing off of the springboards, but to me, it's generally not impressive enough to satisfy me.

10 (Gimmicks)

Not terribly bad with the gameplay for the rest of the level. I don't understand why I would not rate extremely low for the creativity for the unique element, but the scenery looks okay and the auto-scrolling played out entirely well.

60 (Main rate)

TOTAL - 70

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

Tristaph | 45/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

A level where it seems like there is 2 gimmicks!

The way they are used is kind of basic, and the level was a little bland, since there wasn't much enemy use. Don't really have much to say about this level because it wasn't really all that interesting. You can also glitch through some of the slopes unfortunately.

Level 35/75
Gimmick 10/25

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

DrBrains | 100/100

good level

07/17/19 at 6:17 PM

adam02oc | 70/100

I agree with the reviews mentioned below. Nice to see that you have decided to give the LP Contest another go by submitting a new level tho (:

06/20/19 at 12:18 PM

Hexagon42 | 65/100

The gimmick here wasn't that interesting because its just standard stuff you'd see in any normal level. The level lacks focus because there are two different autoscroll types used and the gameplay is just random stuff thrown together without any flow. Theres also lots of easily fixable cutoffs and the checkpoint is connected to the wrong entrance.

06/20/19 at 9:51 AM

awesomeness777 | 56/100

Meh... the A3 challenges were all pretty much the same and they weren't that interesting, and the boat was too slow. The level looked pretty meh too, though the boat part looked kinda cool. This level also felt really short due to the warps skipping some space and the level being sorta empty (not many enemies).

Difficulty: Extreme Easy --- not too hard but death blocks can be pretty annoying :D Nice troll at the end with them (not really a troll but maybe sort of a troll). Shouldn't have had a fire flower, since that made the boat part even easier and bad.

Other stuff: No cutoffs yay, and tiling/theme variety.

06/19/19 at 7:33 PM

solidfire | 81/100

This level does have some issues to be addressed. First I would like it if the moving blocks were always visible, that could be done by switching the layers around. Next, the checkpont is broken. It takes you back to the beginning of the castle. Also no scenery. I know that would be hard, but There was still hardly any. Now for the gimmick. It wasn't that interesting, and wasn't used to its fullest potential. The Final jump is the same as the first jump. Also i wasn't that huge of a fan of the blackdrop at the end. Then you started with the onn and off blocks, but you didn't expand them in any way. They were just there, and I didn't like that. The challenges in the level didn't get a swing of difficulty, and didn't progressed in a way that expanded the gimmick. The level was fine, but for a gimmicky idea, not so fine. Also hardly any coins or bricks or enemies.

06/19/19 at 9:54 AM

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