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StickGuyHair | 100/100

I Agree With @Orangetack

04/26/20 at 12:17 PM

Orangetack | 90/100

Not the most creative gimmicks I've ever seen, but it's all done rather smoothly. The first map where you have to keep the shell alive has some pretty fun moments. One feels trollish in a good way, where if you're not paying attention you might hit the P-switch at the wrong moment and lose the shell. The shell chase part was a neat idea but the sliding koopas made it a bit unfair. There's no way you can get past the second sliding koopa the first time unless through blind luck. And the final shell chase part, well, I wasn't hugely impressed with it, once you get over the initial sudden reactions you have to have there's not much to it.

I really like some of the aesthetic things you did in the level, like the crazy patterns you did with diagonal ropes.

Overall it's a great level, not the craziest gimmicks I've seen from you but still.

07/31/19 at 10:19 AM

TashaPro | 100/100


07/28/19 at 3:21 PM

Tristaph | 90/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Well I definitely found this one to be quite difficult, but I managed by placing a couple warps :P

Very fun to play despite the amount of times I died. I don't really have much to nitpick about this level at all so I really don't have much to say other than this was one of the more enjoyable and clean-looking entries.

As for gimmick, it's nothing groundbreaking but it is used in a very though-provoking and clever way that seems consistent yet dynamic throughout the entire level. Great work!

Level 75/75
Gimmick 15/25

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 84/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

The Final Entry... THE &@($?!
+I love the music tbh, it fits perfectly on with the level

-One the super flaw about this level is that it has cut-offs, REAL ones. I'll point you out, (Map 2, 1220x 0y) and others. (-2)
-It had a strange warp transition with a pipe + door = strange entity
-Trump Jump on 1240x is to be avoided at all costs

Gameplay: 26/30
Level Layout: 19/25
Level Style/Design: 18/20
Compliments: -3
Main Score: 60

[] Now the gimmick here? It looks just alike with Lc's. A koopa shell trying to #@%$ Mario, and it was awesome. Along with its cool challenges, and in the end...

Gimmick Technique: 10/10
Gimmick Variety: 10/10
Gimmick Uniqueness: 4/5
Score: 24
It was a beautiful level, of course, I don't care about my subtractions for this. It's as puzzle intended as for sure along with speed run intended as you progress the level. But there were like cut-offs in certain areas which made the level ugly. I think you were not careful in designing levels so be very careful. In the end, the Koopa betrays you by kicking a shell right on the face, I don't really know if it was intended or not. Some Warping Fixes is adviced along with the cheeses to be fixed with its annoying cheep deaths like that raw trump jump, yet it looks like the worst part of the level dude and be very careful with scenery placement next time.

Final Score: 84

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

MrGerund | 50/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Thank you for your entry, 25 points for gimmick, 75 for the level as a whole, lets go!

Unique Gimmick
As for the unique gimmick you went with the "shell buddy" concept, leading into multitasking, multitasking and timing... you consistently used the mechanic the whole level, but the designchoice "multitasking and precision" often just didn't feel right, the gimmick also is commonly used, so your points here are only for the consistency.

12/25 points

In depth Review
First note: it was quite underwhelming as a whole, i've seen much better from you, fletch out your levels more.
Starting off with a saferoom; always a nice choice for levels like these. The actual start felt slow though; there were no resetwarps in the level so you had to start over from the beginning and wait for the shell to hit the switch after hitting several bricks, followed into a piranha plant you simply had to wait for and there also was a random flying koopa. The next challenge actually was fun to do, but the multitasking aspect didnt fit as you'd be too busy dodging spinies that you dont see the hole that gets created for the shell when you hit the switch; fully making the level impossible in the progress and having to reset with no reset warp nearby. More multitasking was a vine popping out of the ground, i was mainly focussed on getting in that gap and lucky i hit the jump because it was a clutch one and wasn't needed at all. The lakitu after that served as a cheap death and afterwards as an empty waiting challenge, having to wait after that even more to slide the spiny to death.

The section continued with a precision pswitch hit which didn't quite felt smooth as there were certain spots where it wouldnt fall into the pit and a lot more where it would, and if it did fall in, you were doomed without a reset system. Your brick placement offscreen was done quite nicely and the challenge of getting past the switch gate was fairly enjoyable, but those spike tops felt quite confusing as they weren't both on the same platform, which i didn't notice because of the multitasking, another cheap death because of distractions. I liked the usage of the vine and the spring to get across, but i didnt like the fact you had to enter a pit only to discover a shell would land on top of you that'd disarm itself, you could've put in a safe unlock but you didn't.

Onto the next section, you gave out a checkpoint without removing the powerup nor granting a mushroom and an 1-up upon respawn. The challenges in this sectino were fairly cheap: quick paced upwards rushing while koopas come sliding out of nowhere, the shell gives you almost no time to grab the spring and get up too. Walking up was a nice challenge to win back time, the key also served as quite a decent challenge. then the rush was gone and the spiny felt like a more relaxed challenge and then the shell started breaking bricks once it got on screen again, the 1-up provided was complete bait though, because if the shell would despawn and you'd pick it up, you'd get softlocked out of the level, without any reset warp, i advise you just put it at the checkpoint next time.

The section might have been short, but starting another one you should've definitely given another one, you dont have any excuse not giving out another since you used ver C. This section started off cheap; a forced textbox and a shell coming for you, i couldnt react in time and the shell outran me because the textbox was so obnoxious, so i instantly decided to cheat a checkpoint as the previous section was frustrating to get through again. The chase challenges after the first one were fun though and had plenty of reaction time to go with, they felt cheesy to complete but it seemingly was the intended way. then a precision challenge came along though, having to time hitting the switch at the exact right moment, or the shell would pretty much instantly kill you, i really disliked this one. I liked the rush into the small pipe towards the exit though! Ending was quite jolly too, a finisher of low difficulty out of the erm... thing.

Overal it wasnt a too great experience though, the fact you couldnt reset easily, were given not enough checkpoints or 1ups was really obnoxious combined with the happy music, the music had this typical ragegame vibe, laughing at you for every mistake you make, knowing youre softlocked without being able to be saved, screen clutter and multitasking also really didn't help. Yes a lot of challenges were good, but a lot of other ones just didn't feel right and ruined the experience, so... again, try to fletch out your levels better next time.

38/75 points

Final Score
12+38 = 50

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

LaserTrap_ | 80/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Well there's no denying it's a good level but to be honest I'm a little underwhelmed. The gimmick was a nice one but it didn't function perfectly. There needed to be a few more reset warps here and there, perhaps a couple of escape routes or something like that rather than forced deaths and even a case of a softlock in map 3. Some weird cases of waiting, like at the end of map 1 too.
The level had some interesting design choices, considering you had to build a shell track and an actual level to play. On the whole you did a good job keeping up with both. There were mostly good challenges but the ones like jumping to the perfect x position to land on the spring in map one weren't the greatest, let's say. The end of map 1 also added nothing to the level. Map 3 was tricky and a good concept but didn't bring that much to the table imo. It just felt like a bit of recycling going on with the added time challenge from the shell. Also, it's very possible to get the spring stuck in the v-shaped ropes so that you can't actually pick it up again. Not a fan of the pipe at the end of map 3 either, because it doesn't lead out to a pipe when you emerge in map 4. Map 5 was unnecessary.
Not a bad level by any means, I was pretty determined to beat it which shows some enjoyability factor. Just a few unexpected oversights, and I guess I had a lot to say about what was wrong which made it seem worse than it is.
My rate for the gimmick presented is 18/25;
My rate for the overall level presented is 62/75;
Therefore my final score for "Koopa Shoreline" will be 80/100.

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

JetWing34 | 99/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

What can I say to LuigiBonus' level? It had really unique challenges, all of them dealing with shell kicking, shell chasing, and all the bells and whistles. This is a level that all Level Palace users deserve to see as one of the contest entries that might win the contest. I loved the challenges and gimmicks, man!

25 (Gimmicks)

The level is perfect as always...well, almost always. In the third map at y640, having to deal with the sliding Koopas on the V-shaped rope element gives you a 99% chance of getting hit. It's definitely unpredictable where exactly you must avoid the sliding Koopas. The rest of the level had wonderful tiling and scenery placement, which quality and quantity came well together.

74 (Main rate)

TOTAL - 99

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 88/100

Aaaaaaaand he's dunnit again!

Ey LB, neat entry ya got here. Clever shell setups. One minute you were using them to trigger vines and then the next, racing against the clocc; one minute you were chasing it, the next minute vice versa

Let's go over some things ...

(MAP 1)
- Hey, that's a nice background! Too bad it doesn't loop properly
- X540 Great effort on scenery, just try to make sure it's not covering climbable areas of vine.
- Put a reset warp for the p-switch part, it'll save the trouble of restarting. Or you know what, forget it. Why make a hole in the ground to begin with... I mean I like the idea of timing it, but still .-.
- At X1100 It takes a fairly long wait time for the shell to actually reach the vine box.
- Precision muncher jumps like the one at x:1260 to reach the springboard are best avoided, and fixable by moving the nearest muncher lower down
- Accessible ceiling at end of map (X1680)

(MAP 3)
- You included a reset warp at the beginning but exactly how do you expect me to mess that first part up?
- I wonder if it's just how I feel about it, but this area with the sliding koopas felt particularly unfair

(MAP 4)
- Improper warp transitioning (should be coming out of a pipe)
- Not enough breathing time in the beginning.
"Hey, think fast!"
"Oh, okay. Which way do I go--"
- X620 cheep-cheep killable by quickly following through after dodging the green shell
- Another execution error occurs from leaving the screen after shell at X800 is hit, making it a pointless addition to the level as it can also be used to take out the other obstacle before the section's exit.

(MAP 5)
- At this point you've beaten the dead horse. Well actually, it ain't the shell clearing the bricks but rather the decent amount of wait time for the process to complete.
- Oh and the airship cutoffs too.

Fun stuff despite some quibblels. There's nothing you've thrown at me that I haven't already seen before, but still, nice work. Had to update review after finding another cheesable part near springboard (map 1) https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HxNbWiRQqF4
No further comments

07/07/19 at 8:56 PM

TicTimeless | 100/100

This is a great level! The detail was very good! I agree with the difficulty, It isn't easy nor hard. I give it 100/100 because why not?

07/07/19 at 10:45 AM

RacerJ4KE | 98/100

It was a great level but I have to agree with the others regarding the lack of reset warps.

07/06/19 at 3:10 PM

Brawler Day | 97/100

I completely agree with LazorCozmic5! I just wish that there were reset doors/warps more because sometimes the shell will be gone and you're left like "... oooohhhh that is what your supposed to do" like in example x880 could've been a good pipe to go back to the beginning instead of having to commit suicide. But all in all i'm not gonna be harsh about it, it's been a very good and fun level nonetheless. (Super Mario Flash > SMM)
Edit: I played again andthe part you're running from the shell is easily cheesable, but still very fun nontheless

07/06/19 at 1:37 PM

da_noob8games | 100/100

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07/06/19 at 1:19 PM

javien322 | 96/100

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07/06/19 at 10:18 AM

bananaramen | 100/100

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07/06/19 at 3:28 AM

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