• Description: Hello, fellow LP players. This is my entry to the Creator Contest for June, 2019. The weird gimmick here has to do with spikes and black death blocks overlaid over normal solid blocks. For some reason, if you hold the jump button, you can survive jumping off of the spikes or black death blocks, as long as you hold the jump button down.

    Also, I made the two bonus coins as janky and cancerous as possible. Enjoy :) I might post a video on this level if i eventually feel like it.

    In addition, if anybody catches anything that should not be the case, please let me know. Either include it in your rating or in my profile page's comment section. I only knew about this level contest recently, so this level was kind of rushed.
  • Contributors: Thanks to the Level Palace Contest for motivating me to do this. Without them, I'll probably be doing math competition practice instead of building this lump of crap, lol.
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Migcat48CW | 97/100

No alcance a jugar tu Nivel así que te daré el Rate según lo que yo vea :

(Escenario) (-?) (No se)
(Enemigos) (-?) (No se)
(Duración) (-?) (No se)
(Decoración) (-?) (No se)
(Dragon Coins) (-?) (No se)
(Cosas extra) (-?) (No se y por cierto Disfruta el haber desbloqueado el Level 1 del Achievements On Fire a pesar de que ya lo Desbloqueaste)

Total de Puntos Restados : -3

Perfecto : 97/100

Dificultad : Medio

(No Completé El Nivel)

Total de Dragon Coins obtenidas por Migcat48CW
Dragon Coins : ?/?

01/25/21 at 10:21 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

lmao this level is so fun in spite of its shortcomings
P.S: nice troll looooooooooooooooooooooooool

09/04/19 at 9:10 PM

cgdbec111 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

09/02/19 at 3:56 PM

NESFilipGamer | 89/100

Solid concept. This was a very good level to play but a bit irritating to be fair, a very bad issue with the level which I need to tackle is that X:240 Y:0 is an example of this, so if you jump on these spikes, they kill you which is unfair. What would have been MUCH better and God knows how many times how better this level would get, you could make the white ones not kill and the black ones can kill you so its more fair to the player. So the player knows the White Ones cant kill you and the Black Ones can and the scenery could have been better aswell.

Other than that, Very good concept but a bit irritating tho, I think it deserves an 89/100

89/100 (Hard)

09/02/19 at 2:01 PM

AllenCaspe9510 | 79/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

I'm not immune to spikes, lmao
-I felt like on how you grouped 1 kind of a block together just makes the area bland, an example of it would be the beginning (-2)
-In the end scene, you can nearly see the grass cut-off

Gameplay: 28/30
Level Layout: 19/25
Level Style/Design: 16/20
Compliments: -2
Main Score: 61

[] The gimmick wasn't interesting and really sastisfying to me, I found it werid to me but on how you used it on the challenges. I think It went pretty well fine

Gimmick Technique: 6/10
Gimmick Variety: 9/10
Gimmick Uniqueness: 3/5
Score: 18
It was a decent level to say at least, I don't want to talk about all in. I don't have really much to say. The level could need some more effort on tile usage, Its just bland to see this stuff.

Final Score: 79

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

Tristaph | 75/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Cool concept. I enjoyed this level for the most part while it did seem frustrating at parts and inconsistent in areas (One text box explains there are two spikes that you can't step on, even though it's not aesthetically different) In a later area, you can't actually see far enough ahead that the yellow switch blocks are going to cover spikes here. I think it was overall good, yes, but it lacked a bit of clarity

The gimmick was good, but found it more stressful than fun, and like I said before not totally clear in some parts. Overall good work on the level.

Level 60/75
Gimmick 15/25

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

LaserTrap_ | 14/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

You really tried to make the level unique but in the end I don't think the spikes actually added anything to the level. It's just a glitch showcase, and I don't think the level was made any more fun by it. You could easily have had the puzzles you added without this extra glitch, which in all honesty could have made the level a bit better to play.

You had some cool puzzle designs, but with half of the level being a tutorial, among other things, the design kind of flops in this level. I don't think it played well at all. When you got to the main part of the level, there were some rather unfair bits when you had to look really hard for the spikes, and I died a few times to the cheapness of it. Also in map 4 you need to be really careful when moving layer 2 to the front, as you're likely to cause a few graphical errors with sprites, most commonly seen when Mario dies. Aside from a few of the puzzles this level was actually quite bland in terms of challenges, attempted to be disguised by your gimmick, which didn't pay off at all. There was also a Yoshi cheese in map 3, where you could grab the spring through the wall and bounce off it, and jumping off Yoshi to get over the wall.

My rate for the gimmick presented is 3/25;

My rate for the overall level presented is 11/75;

Therefore my final score for "Immune to Spikes???" will be 14/100.

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

JetWing34 | 100/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Being immune to the spikes is the coolest part of the gimmicks required for this contest. Not only do you have the metal spiked balls for this level, but how you added the black death blocks along with the items that hurt the player was added extremely well. There were several challenges that make the gimmick quite a unique feature. It is great, and I appreciate doing something that no other user on Level Palace has done - do a gimmick with hurt/kill tiles and survive off of them.

25 (Gimmicks)

Aside from the unique gimmicks, you did a wonderful job with the scenery, the text boxes with attentive information on the gimmicks, and of course, the tile and enemy placement. The enemies were placed extremely well, and that effort with the tiles, man. It doesn't seem like I see any cutoffs. Great work overall!

75 (Main rate)

TOTAL - 100

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

MrGerund | 35/100

Note: This rate is a contest review and does not effect the level score.

Thank you for your entry, your rate will be divided into 2 segments, both based upon a scale out of 100, now, lets no longer delay your judgement.

Unique Gimmick
Ah back at it again with that one glitch i see? i do have to admit, it is fairly unique in comparison to many other ones, you had a good introduction to the mechanic itself and tried to experiment with it to its fullest potential, it didn't give too much unique gameplay and you definitely could've tried to make this more, but... all in all, a good unique gimmick.

19/25 points

In depth Review
Well, you seem to have scored fairly high on the unique gimmick part in comparison to my other rates, but im afraid this is the part where you'll be tackled heavily. Starting off with a text box... damn you put in lots of dialog, try to keep it short if you put in so much textboxes in a level to make reading it an actual thing people want to do, as for your scenery, it looked very decent, but you crammed in some "unnatural terrain" here and there while it obviously had a set theme with its tiling, asymmetry is often more natural than straight lines.

You started of with a nice introduction spikes on the ground, but instantly followed up with some boring spinies you had to wait for, the spikes in the roof supposedly showed that they dont hurt you under any circumstance, but i guess sneaking that in didn't hurt, only the waiting did. After that you showed the same for death tiles, which were placed very annoyingly under the warp pipe and required some precision and patience, which isnt too loved when it comes to challenges. I dont get what you mean with "as janky and cancerous as possible" starcoins, as the first one only was 1 wall-jump to grab it while holding up and didn't add any proper additional challenge to the level. After that you placed down a cheap shell getting kicked and more of the usual holding up... which at this point already started to get unpleasant to the ears, your oneway placement also was a failure as the koopa seemingly kept returning.

onto the next section, you put down some special tiles, it didn't really add onto the gameplay and only required reading, the sounds werent as bad here but the gameplay wasn't engaging at all. Same for the next challenge after the big jump; just walking, then you made an extremely tedious challenge which made me wish you put in more checkpoints as doing all those basic and quickly boring getting challenges all over as you had to hold up and have a lot of patience and timing, this challenge was terrible and cheap, i hated it, it was frustrating and player unfriendly, the smiley wont help you win this, i am the one in control now, remember that one. <insert satanic="" fires="" being="" lobbed="" at="" your="" face="" here="">

Map 3, lezz go. i m happy you put in a checkpoint, but still, more would've been nice like i said before. This section was horrible, the sound it produced was hellish and the setup felt awkward, as you had to carefully start jumping onto the death blocks after kicking the shell, it felt like it was 1 too far out to the right, creating an awkward setup. once the switch is pressed, the sounds are still terrible, and the jump to the spikes in the switch blocks over the oneway felt really awkward and i fell in so many times because of how you did that corner, design error. More of the usual: holding up and timing, the shell maybe was something different but still not great. The starcoin here was annoying to get though, but didn't offer any challenge besides a cheap off-screen roof jump in between 2 tiles, also, the puzzle wasnt mandatory as you could just skip over the roof jumping off yoshi and use the vine to get in the pipe, please cheese-check your levels.

and... more precision in map 4! great, why no checkpoint? the spikes behind the switchblocks were close to invisible, and the koopas required waiting with annoying jump sound spam because of 1 platform(waiting is boring btw). the moving platform could despawn, this happend to me and it confused me so... i checked the editor to figure out you know how to rush through your own creation. anyways, more jump sounds... clouds with more jump sounds, an actual decent challenge with a cannon and jumpsounds... a troll... except it isnt and your eardrums hate life now.
lastly: you could jump over the goalpoint, seeing a mess of cutoffs... and thats the level!


Final Score
19+16 = 35
Atleast you defeated my eardrums...?

07/24/19 at 9:38 PM

DrBrains | 100/100

good level

07/10/19 at 3:46 PM

bananaramen | 94/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/04/19 at 8:40 AM

BlackStar | 100/100

𝓵𝓸𝓪𝓯 𝓽𝓱𝓲𝓼

07/02/19 at 10:36 AM

Lyric_TheLegend | 100/100

One of the best levels I have played! Nice concept, Not too hard and not too easy.

07/01/19 at 9:39 PM

unitygaminggr | 100/100


06/30/19 at 12:40 PM

segenanimator | 100/100

nice level, I really like your
idea and you also telling me the tips.
and the visuals are good too.

06/30/19 at 11:26 AM

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