• Description: Hey guys, i personally don't beleive this level is that good (and i have the obvious superior mind). This is another snow level...................................no ice physics...............
    so sad, but a smaller one. Kinda short, still has a checkpoint tho. Explores a bit more deeply the bob-ombs, fire bros, nipper plants, and ice blocks. Have fun looking for the secret exit, that will take you to
    WARP ZONE!!!

    P.S. J.K. guys, im sure your mind is probably superior to mine.

    J.K. mine is superior, and will always be
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What Others are Saying

Mario00000000 | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/28/19 at 10:39 PM

Lyric_TheLegend | 95/100

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10/13/19 at 8:46 PM

LuigiXD/_29 | 100/100

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10/12/19 at 12:03 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 88/100

a main problem in this level is the visual noise caused by the snow paired with some blind jumps here and there: you get punished for trying to explore as you used a lot of munchers in this level.
the gameplay itself had variety here n there though so that's a huge plus, but still, you often used nipper plants and fire bros as filler hallenges, which got repetitive quickly.

i liked the little pswitch grab puzzle, but the plant spawning could get the bomb easily trapped and the secret made it unclear if you had to reuse the pswitch, so a certain reset warp would've been useful.

the ice on the floor being molten by fire offered a challenge but munchers in these ice blocks looked really off and even denied the ability to grab an A- coin at a certain spot.

decent, could do with some QoL changes though.

10/12/19 at 11:43 AM

LazorCozmic5 | 95/100

But also, be wary of blind jumps and, on occasion, sprite placement excess. I should also point out that after you hit some of the muncher ice blocks, some of them look like they're floating in mid-air. X2900 is an example as there's nothing really attached underneath. Supposedly a semi-solid platform of some sort will suffice. Other than that, I love the level and theme, the choice of music and your signature way to end the level; the goal orb on the cloud pedestal. The powerups were well balanced, people just aren't looking hard enough ;)

10/12/19 at 2:32 AM

GhostlyBlaze | 95/100

Great level with all the decorative stuff. Really challenging but the thing I hate is the obnoxious firebros. They always get me. Anyway, it's a good level. I just wish that there were more power-ups than coin blocks. I always had my hopes up when I hit them.

10/12/19 at 12:23 AM

BananaMan 248 | 80/100

When we destroy the ice plant block with the fire flower, this plants will floating in the empty.

I should put another enemie...

10/11/19 at 6:05 PM

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