• Description: no hate comments and also i have my whole plan of level layout i can draw it for you so my 5-2 level is on smf3 because when i thought of an airship level for it i thought smf2 dosent have that many airship tiles so i might mite not use -2 for smf2 or smf3
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awesomeness777 | 45/100

Oof.. I skipped most of the level through the secret warp.. that's bad :o

Anyway, it seems like the main point of this level was to get Dragon Coins, so I'll review that first.

--Dragon Coin 1 was poorly placed. It was right in the middle of the path. No challenge at all.
--Coin 2 was somewhat badly placed. I'm sure you intended for the shell to be used to break the blocks, but I had no idea where the hidden block was because it wasn't indicated at all. You could get it though, by just crouch jumping (or having small mario of course).
--Coin 3 was also easy to get. Just a jump onto some blocks and that was it. No challenge whatsoever. It would've been well placed, though, if you had a chuck or something there.
--Coin 4 was decently placed. You had to do TWO jumps to get it, and you also had to avoid the galoombas. It still was very easy, but this is 1-1 after all.
--Coins 5 and 6 were poorly placed. You just had to go into an area between 2 pipes and that was it.. no challenge at all. You could've made the area for coin 6 wider and placed a spiny and there'd be a better challenge, and the coins were also too close to each other.
--Coin 7 was also poorly placed, because you could easily jump to get it.

Overall, the dragon coin placement was not good, but maybe you can improve next time if you read this :)

Anyway, on to the rest of the level.

The level was very flat. The only hill was in the cave area. This looked bad and it also made the challenges worse. You used holes and pipes for some 'terrain variety' though so it was decent, but still not good.

This level also should've had more scenery and had more variety. This level looked somewhat bland and generic.

Lastly, this level had repetitive enemies and the challenges were generic. They were somewhat structured but still not good and interesting. The enemies were also generic.

Overall, this level wasn't that good, but it was better than the last one I played of yours (your first level)

Difficulty: Really easy because of pipe skip and fire flower (every enemy could be killed with the fire flower which was boring and BAD)

Congratulations! You got a proper rate on this :D

08/22/19 at 2:30 PM

PetsaresweetYT | 85/100

This level has some great level design along with some questionable ones. I will start out at a 100 rating and subtract points depending on how severely my view changed due to those design decisions.
-5 Points: A bit too long for the first level.
-3 Points: The powerups could be spread out a bit more evenly.
-1 Point: There was a lack of variety in enemy choice.
-5 Points: The checkpoint sent you back way before the checkpoint.
-1 Point: Dragon Coin 5 & 6 were way too close to each other.
Overall Rating: 85/100
Now for some things I liked about this level.
1. The level was decently easy for the first level.
2. The powerups weren't level breaking.
3. The decorations were well done.
4. Rewards were given for exploring.
5. The level end was just in time.

07/25/19 at 12:38 PM

Bartek Zioom Pro | 95/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/22/19 at 4:56 AM

JonahtheWhale | 100/100

I, want, CAKE!!!!!!!!! XD

07/21/19 at 9:07 PM

Markw0000 | 99/100

This was really fun, I thought I was going to quit after game over but it was a vendetta. honestly didnt know there was an invisible block with a Koopa shell to get that one dragon coin.

07/21/19 at 7:10 PM

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