• Description: After Mario gets through the Flooded Castle Entrance, He ends up in of course... Flooded Castle! In this level, You have to face many challenges ranging from Cannonballs to Torpedo Te- Wait. Did I just say FLOODED CASTLE? I am not even kidding this level takes place Underwater! Just like W3-F. And this level has a similar type of plot as 3-F, except it has a Different type of water gimmick: The water is invisible! Can Mario move on to World 4? Find out as you play! Good Luck!
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What Others are Saying

The Flying Dutchman | 87/100

quite a good level, you put down a pretty good atmosphere with your scenery and your challenges were simple, but solid. i do have to point out the empty backtracking though, as it causes long waves without any challenges and the repetition of the same challenges.

difficulty was fair, water made it a tad bit slow at times, but the space usage was wide n lookin good.
a few more checkpoints would've been nice, boss was a good challenge, only could've used some more dangerous walls and... last of all...repetitiveness still returned at times due to heavy reusage of the same challenge, lava sections were by far the best.


07/25/19 at 8:11 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 97/100

Well that was quite some adventure! Didn't expect it to be so tightly designed as it was. Thematically it managed to deliver with the water effect being used properly in conjunction with water mode and it creates sort of this sense that you're trapped in a flooded castle- oh wait. I just wish you didn't overuse the cannons as much as you did, like the particular area where I had to hit the invisible blocks (no one asked for the invisible blocks, it just gets in the way). You could've done without the invisible blocks and it would've been fine. The other thing I wasn't quite fond of with that area was the fact that you used the water effect without the water mode gameplay which to me felt awkward because every other part of the level would have implemented water mode with the effect. The boss battle may have been a decent way to conclude, but it's also wrong for the water tiling to be covered by scenery. Tiling errors may also emerge if careless like with x:1240 y:80. The level itself still, was very fun to play.

07/25/19 at 2:18 PM

DrBrains | 100/100

to hard

07/13/19 at 5:36 PM

The Cyan Yoshi | 100/100

This level was just amazing. I enjoyed this level very much and you had everything in the right plce.

07/08/19 at 7:02 AM

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