• Description: Super BartekZioomPro Bros

    World 3: Snow World

    World 3-2: Snow Cave
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What Others are Saying

Tomika444 | 80/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/13/19 at 12:26 PM


cool level

07/11/19 at 10:43 AM

javien322 | 65/100

This level Has lack of Scenery and the gray Scenery Does not fit in both zones. And in the Beginning, There is lack of enemies AND scenery. No trees or enemies. And the game play is repetitive. The level is flat and boring. The piranha plant at X: 1620 should not be there. And there is unnecessary Stacked enemies at X: 3280. And I don't think that you should put fire bars at X: 1320, and X: 4000.
Seriously, Don't listen to FartMArio.

This level is far from great.

Difficulty: Easy
Overall Score: 65
Overall Score: Bronze

07/10/19 at 7:20 PM

FartMArio | 100/100

pretty hard i'd say this is a good level
whats wrong lack of scenery sorry and enemy spam at the start
:( But Still rate it a 100/100

07/10/19 at 2:04 PM

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