• Description: Thanks for all rates i will add a new one with more challanges! goodl luck!
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What Others are Saying

cgdbec111 | 60/100

Agreed with solidfire

08/29/19 at 9:22 AM

DrBrains | 100/100


08/02/19 at 3:13 PM

JonahtheWhale | 52/100

level could be much longer and better in design. just saying this isn't really fun just tedius.

07/13/19 at 4:11 PM

Bartek Zioom Pro | 50/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/13/19 at 6:11 AM

EchoesHeart | 60/100

I agree with solidfire, but the concept has promise if you work to improve it. Needs scenery, actual challenges, and a good use of monsters that adds to the gameplay. Could be improved greatly!

07/11/19 at 8:49 PM

solidfire | 62/100

I don't like it. It feels just like a maze, but an annoying one. There really isn't any clues where to go. That felt really unfair. No enemies, or challenges, or pipes. All that is what makes Mario, well, MARIO. No background, generic level design. Not that fun too play. But not outright some of the worst I'v seen. it didn't make me angry, or frustrated, just a bit disappointed.

07/11/19 at 11:06 AM

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