• Description: An awesome playthrough of my level, by yolo :

    My final SMF2 level. I hope you guys will enjoy, i could have made this A LOT sooner, but i'm just such a lazy-ass.

    Anyway, if you really enjoyed my level, i assume you wish to play more.
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Orangetack | 90/100

Great fun. The bit that kept getting me was the part just before the checkpoint where you have to go backwards after seeing a zigzag podoboo to let it escape to clear the path. I kept getting hit by cannonballs by watching the podoboo. Overall, this was a great cannon-focussed level, although the first half was better than the second (even though the second was easier). Obstacles where you really have to think how to proceed. Most of it is the traditional cramped-type level you see on LP, but it is very well executed. After the checkpoint the originality goes down a little. And a couple of times I found myself wishing that there were fewer enemies onscreen at a given time. After all, you can still achieve high difficulty without having too many enemies onscreen if you place the enemies well. Most of the time, the enemy placement doesn't go over the top but a couple of times it did (like maybe where the zigzag podoboo is just before the checkpoint).

I like the inclusion of bonus rooms. They're not unfairly hidden away, in fact the pipes are in plain sight. But I was too busy trying to stay alive to see them.

On a visual level, this looks fantastic. Since everything is the same colour it can be hard to keep track of things when playing, but meh that's not a fault.

07/29/19 at 12:29 PM

the trollmaster | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/27/19 at 6:21 AM

Takato136 | 81/100

Best Level!!! I like this Level!!! Best characters, best backgrouns and best adventure!!!

07/26/19 at 10:42 AM

da_noob8games | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/25/19 at 10:03 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 97/100

amazing level, the gameplay was solid all the way through and you managed to keep varying up the gameplay.

the fact you could walljump at certain spots made the level more forgiven... it probably wasnt intended to be like this but it still was a nice touch.
i also liked your lil bonus zone for the 1-up, lil odd that the secret exit was near the checkpoint though.

spawn was fair, lives given were fair, maybe a bit off a too cluttered bullet hell at times with limited time challenges, but not the biggest deal in the long run.

exiting the 1-up zone out of the warp had a cheap cannon being able to shoot you down right in front of the checkpoint, not the best design choice.

amazing piece, a feature + wordpress post shall suffice.


07/25/19 at 5:43 PM

solidfire | 97/100

This is such a creative level, and I love enemy placement, and the challenges felt fair and difficult! This level felt a bit short, but that just means I wanted to play more, and my this is difficult. Thanks for all this powerups, and strangely no Yoshi? Good theming, and really creative puzzles.
P.S. Good job on featuring!
(Like me)

07/25/19 at 5:02 PM

DragonHeart | 100/100

Pretty darn perfect level, I really liked *most* of the fireball placements and tiling. I would say that this deserves a 100/100 and I don't agree with the rates below.


Difficulty: Hard

07/25/19 at 3:38 PM

JonahtheWhale | 98/100

why do you put berries if no yoshi? D:

07/24/19 at 1:27 AM

Markw0000 | 97/100

there must be a Yoshi at the beginning of the level. why would the berry be there? but other than that I L.O.V.E the soundtrack. Lots Of Vivacious Emotion for this level.

I have a question though: how do I add cheese in my level? none was found in yours

07/21/19 at 7:36 PM

mrckv3 | 78/100

Oh lord am I bad at this game now, I died so much trying to beat this. But now that that's done, it's time for the exiting part: the rate!

Since this is a more classic / traditional level, the rating criteria is slightly limited, so the rate will be slightly harsher than usual, since there's lees to judge.

That said, let's start with the great stuff: The monster placement. The monster placement was phenomenal! The amount of times those traveling fireballs killed me because they followed furthur than I thought they would... I was scared you might've overdone it, forcing me to backtrack too much backwards, but that was not the case either. Wasn't too crowded, never felt empty, amazing stuff man!

I wasn't a huge fan of the scenery, but that's more me personally not liking the aethestic style. Your actual scenery and tiling was very good, so nothing to actually complain about there.

The powerup usage felt... weird? Granted I did not discover the last mushroom you hid in those breakable blocks, so maybe I am just stupid, but when I started the level I thought you were giving too frequent powerups, and towards the end I felt too few. You give away a mushroom near the start, but then almost immediately after give a fireflower, making the mushroom kind of redundant. You could've atleast given me a reward for keeping the mushroom, like a breakable block to get the fireflower, or even given me another mushroom so that I have one more in reserve.

The level also felt surprisingly short. I was so surprised when it concluded. It should've been a good 50%, or maybe even double as long as it currently is.

The level also felt kind of uncreative? You did a solid job, and I didn't really mind it too much, but if I played a lot of such traditional levels I can imagine myself finding it slightly bland maybe? You did have two hidden pipes, and I liked those a lot (although I wished one gave something else than a one-up?). But it could do with slightly more creativity, without making puzzles natrually. Things like activating something from below, then slight backtracking, while making it obvious, would really help to make this level a bit more cool. Doesn't have to be some complex puzzle (that would obviously ruin the theme you were going for), just some simple mechanism that seems to fit natrually into the world you crafted.

Overall a solid level with next to perfect monster placement and stellar scenery, but weird powerup usage, kind of short and a little uncreative.

07/21/19 at 10:04 AM

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