• Description: Mario has now made his way down the hill. But our poor moustache wearing plumber will have another challenge before he reaches Boom Boom's tower - The slippery slides... There are lots of blue koopas rolling down the hills. There are a lot of shell kicking handsome blue koopas. Will Mario make it or will he be trapped here forever?
    This level took me more than a month to make so I hope you enjoy it!

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What Others are Saying

NESFilipGamer | 90/100

A very fun level with a good challenge. I honestly have to disagree with DragonHeart because the spikes make it a good challenge level for the player in my opinion! The challenge I really like is X:1780 Y:360 because you need to let the koopa slide first then kill the hammer bro, the design is really nice aswell and some other challenges are good aswell, now let's get with the flaws:

At the end of the level when you grab the goal card, you go UNDER THE TILING which tbh, is very ugly and the reset pipe honestly needs a foreground changer next to it and, the gates like X:160 Y:460, a good example of how to place gates is at X:840 Y:460, but still, a very good level!

90/100 (Hard)

07/13/19 at 4:47 AM

solidfire | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/12/19 at 2:05 PM

Tomika444 | 95/100

Very good level

07/12/19 at 11:46 AM

DragonHeart | 90/100

First of all, I was personally annoyed with the spikes on the roof, making the gameplay not very fun. However, the enemy placements and some of the tiling was very good. Sadly, I was not pleased with all of the tiling, in some places it looked messy and just not very good.

Gameplay: 19/25
Scenery: 21/25
Challenges: 15/15
Creativity: 10/10
Lvl Layout: 10/10
Enemy Placements: 10/10
Length: 5/5

07/12/19 at 8:40 AM

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