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  • Contributors: me
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cgdbec111 | 30/100

Okay, wrong music for a castle theme. There were cutoffs at 1140x, 240y-1400x, 240y. The level was not much of a challenge. At the beginning, there was almost a spawn kill. The "hidden'' Advance Coin is not really hidden. No signs of scenery whatsoever. Random toad saying nothing and a 1UP gets destroyed by the bowser statue head at the beginning so what's the point of that toad and the 1UP being destroyed? Also please do this for now on:
Entrance: Pipe
Exit: Pipe
Entrance: Regular door/Locked door (unlocked)/P-switch door
Exit: Mario
Anyways, there's a ton of unnecessary green koopa shells(is that for to kill bowser or something??)
Next, the bowser and goal point placements wasn't very smart in my opinion. Finally, there were no monsters related to the castle theme (examples: Thwomps, Dry bones)
In my opinion, not really creative.

07/25/19 at 11:29 AM

DragonHeart | 45/100

Personally, I didn't see any qualities of this level that make it very good. The gameplay is very boring with enemies piling up on top of each other, and the scenery is very lacking with cutoffs and undecorated areas. I also really didn't like the spawn kill at the very beginning. If I were to have to find one good thing I liked about this level was the one coin, it wasn't too creative though it was a sort of good backtrack I guess.

Gameplay: 8/25
Scenery: 4/25
Challenges: 4/10
Creativity: 7/10
Lvl Layout: 10/10
Enemy Placements: 6/10
Length: 3.5/5
Coins: 4.5/5


Difficulty: Easy

07/24/19 at 2:19 PM

da_noob8games | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/22/19 at 7:55 PM

Markw0000 | 99/100

could've been better, I mean the scenery wasn't bad but it lagged too much. nice decoration though. I love how it just goes together. you know

07/22/19 at 6:08 AM

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