• Description: It's been a goddamn while hasn't it? Look. For those of you who don't know me in depth I am typically a person that expresses myself differently through different websites. You won't be able to anticipate how I may act on LP through how I act on discord. I can be 2 completely different people. So. This is my returning level! :D I will try to be more active.


    1st Dragon Coin
    Lost Room
    Low Chains
    Escort Mission
    Hidden Treasure
  • Contributors: The Flying Dutchman(Tester), Strongiron450(Creator, Presenter)
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NESFilipGamer | 90/100

*sigh* Oh god, I finally beat the level. That took 25 mins I think, let's just get into the review, shall we? Like you wanted.

So first of all, you had good classical gameplay in the level. X:280 was an example of this seeing as you have to grab the Galoomba, get it on the spike and jump off of it, really good! X:1500 was also very good aswell, seeing as you have to jump off the cannon to get there. Cool, I must say for myself. Like Orangetack said, X:4080 Y:0 was very cool aswell. I also had fun with X:4660 Y:0 seeing as you have to make a precise jump to get to the 2nd half, cool, I must say. X:1360 Y:0 was something great aswell. X:3600 was a great challenge in the 2nd half too.

Now it ain't all rainbows and unicorns, let's talk about the negatives.

The biggest flaw is that the boom boom fight is too easy and I'm afraid to say that the sparky which runs on the pipes has NO effect on the boom boom fight, therefore, making the fight easy and simple. X:1100 on Map 1 is bad because you stand on the coin which is not how it works. A challenge at the 3rd map is flawed because the challenge with the galoomba is very boring because all you do is throw the galoomba there with no challenges, no backtracks for the galoomba, all it is, is THERE and also the cannons at the ending float.

Despite these 4 negative issues, I managed to have fun with the level. I'm gonna give this level a 90/100. Solid work!

90/100 (Hard)

10/06/19 at 12:02 PM

Lyric_TheLegend | 90/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/30/19 at 10:40 PM

Orangetack | 76/100

I agree with laser's take. It was good, but unremarkable. The sky map is the fun one, it has a classic feel. Enemy placement is generally pretty thoughtful. It doesn't have much pizazz though, apart from some odd points which stand out. I like the placement of the bowser statue one three small gold pipes. The indoor part of the level though gets bland. Not only is it thematically less interesting but it feels like you gave up on the obstacles. Layout is flat and most of it is jumping over waves of enemies. So overall considering the blandness of the second half my enjoyment of the level was hampered somewhat. Decent overall!

07/29/19 at 12:00 PM

awesomeness777 | 95/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/29/19 at 11:06 AM

JonahtheWhale | 68/100

did not reaally like some enemy placement, a few section were boring, bland scenery in some places, but good level.

07/28/19 at 10:48 PM

DJMasterbuilder323 | 100/100

I can't go through the level with the goomba

07/28/19 at 8:42 PM

da_noob8games | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/28/19 at 5:46 PM

TashaPro | 78/100

This user did not provide a review.

07/28/19 at 3:11 PM

David2485 | 100/100


07/28/19 at 6:52 AM

LaserTrap_ | 85/100

It was a good level, but it didn't sparkle.
I found the overall level to be decently enjoyable but it got drawn out a bit too much. You had some very nice enemy placement but to tell you the (albeit subjective) truth most of your enemy placement was extremely standard. Now it's okay to be basic, you don't need to have a fancy new contraption in every single level you make. Basic levels can still earn perfect scores. This one ended up feeling overwhelmingly so. Some ideas felt like they were there because you just learned something that you could do, like the wall of sparkies in the castle section. But I certainly commend you on your use of spinning saws. It's nigh on impossible to place these so that everyone will find them fair, and I don't say you've done it here, but I really like your implementation. It was very good to have them travel vertically just a little bit but mostly stay flat... well it's really hard to type out but I hope you get it. Either way it's a praise, haha.
Now, I drilled into this a little bit for how standard it felt. Overall though it didn't detract from the playing experience that much. What I was most annoyed by was actually the dragon coins. I'm a sucker for bonus challenges but some of these weren't the satisfaction I was after. In particular the first one was something you should never do, because you can't expect a tile to be there, so you should never use special or invisible tiles for that purpose. I'm not too pleased with your invisible blocks containing items, either.
Alright, we got to the end of all that. Now, to help you improve and make an even better level next time, I've made a recap of the flaws in this level.
Main level challenges became overwhelmingly standard (-5)
Repetitive, often not too clever use of sparkies (-5)
Invisible shenanigans with dragon coin challenges (-5)
Soooo that brings you to a score of 85. You did a good job. Also I feel like I should add that not every flaw is 5 points off for me, that's just how it ended up being for this one. So, hope this helps!

07/27/19 at 6:46 PM

Markw0000 | 97/100

The background is nice, I like how you made the deign with the tiles look like bolts of lighting, shouldn't they be yellow though? and the tubes fit in with the bright scenery. the only complaint I would have is that of the long profound jumps in the level, you jump a long gap and by the time you land on the next platform the sparky is already there to kill you.

07/27/19 at 6:16 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 97/100

Literally the only flaws are the long precision long jump at the beginning, overuse of the sparky enemy and some of the chainsaws that came out of nowhere causing me to die unexpectedly.

07/27/19 at 4:26 PM

MrGerund | 98/100

splendid level! maybe its a bit easy and cheap to run in some saws and getting the bomb is quite obnoxious to do... but overal.. the level looked amazing and the music really went with the flow; amazing setups is where its at with their unique challenges and yoshicoins for some extra spice... oh btw... climbing as big mario for that... third? starcoin wasnt a great dealio as you have to be small to climb that one.

minor details, high gold tier level.


07/27/19 at 3:14 PM

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