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What Others are Saying

Nuozzu4 | 50/100

Im agree with the others reviews. For me isn't a mistake the lava in a cave level. Also there isn't enough scenery
Easy and 50

09/17/19 at 7:26 PM

Mesopotamia | 30/100

The actual gameplay itself is pretty generic and nearly felt like a Nintendo cave level. There's nothing much to say about this, it was pretty repetitive to play as there are no unique obstacles. The design of this level is not a very good sight. The background of choice is a blue cave, however, you mixed THREE different colors of tiles (Blue, Grey and Brown) which made it look horrendous. As already mentioned below, there is no solid roof at X:0 to X:920 and X:2240 to X:4180 as well as the Bonus zone, in which, it made a cave feel 'incomplete' as there is no ceiling. Also, be careful with how you tile the Bone scenery, as there are noticeable cut-off's in the Bone scenery at Main X: 600, X:1460, X:2580 and X:4340. Lastly, as this is not a lava cave, the lava doesn't fit the theme of this level.

09/16/19 at 1:23 PM

NESFilipGamer | 25/100

I do not understand how javien322 was like "The level is great!", Is it great? No. Let's get into this review:

The design looks horrific and very disgusting. You mixed three tilesets on the blue cave background, that looks very horrific and terrible. X:0 - X:920 in the main zone has no roof, some people who play it are gonna be like "But Filip, there is a roof over there, are you blind?" I wear glasses so I'm not blind and also, what counts as a roof in a cave in my opinion is if the roof is solid and that roof is not solid. And like javien said, Lava doesn't go in Caves (unless it's a Lava Cave) and there is also no roof at X:2240 - X:4180 in the main zone either and the Bonus Zone has no roof either and your design is plain and boring aswell.

I think this level deserves 25/100 and a 95/100 should be a score for actual amazing levels and for people who put hard effort into their levels and this level looked like it didn't take much effort at all.

25/100 (Easy)

09/13/19 at 11:22 AM

javien322 | 95/100

The level is great!
Nice music
Decent enemy placement
Good take-on challenge
Lava in cave. Really?

Difficulty: Hard
Overall Score: 95
Overall Class: Gold

09/10/19 at 5:43 PM

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