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    A desert filled with obstacles! Enter if you dare...

    A desert level with Nipper Plants, Fire Piranhas, Spikes, & featuring a pipe maze, ! Switch challenges, and tunnels.

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What Others are Saying

Sasho | 95/100

lovely, excellent placement of enemies presenting a good amount of challenges.
there was one thing i consider to be bad which is a blind jump where i hit a muncher at 3680x on the the cloud as you cant predict it sitting there because its outside of the players screen, also you could die in the pipe maze because you would be right above the muncher which i disadvice
despite a few flaws i thinks its largely enjoyable

08/26/19 at 8:19 AM

LuigiXD/_29 | 70/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/22/19 at 4:21 PM

DrBrains | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

08/16/19 at 9:44 PM

JonahtheWhale | 57/100

two aspects really bring the level down for me: first you should not spam munchers to where they can corner you. secondly a big offense is having you place a muncher right below a pipe you spawn out of which can kill the player. you should not have that at all. you should have it be completely safe to exit a pipe and that is either a cheap hit or death. sections began to drag on especially the cave parts with the spinies. after that the level just began to feel repetitive. in general, you should design the enemy placement with other players in mind. finally that last hidden switch puzzle is indeed clever but the rest of the level needed work. especially work on the pipe maze, good idea butbadly executed.

08/16/19 at 2:39 AM

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