• Description: This is my first level good luck and have fun
  • Contributors: i canceled because i had to changing background because he didnt match the level
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JetWing34 | 75/100

The level design is okay, but the invisible tile above the palm tree at x700 doesn't seem aesthetically right. How does Mario even stand on two tile spots above the tree?

At x2800, I noticed that if you fall off between the white platform and the green pipe, there's no way to get out other than intentionally starting all over again. You also might consider adding a midway point in spite of the length of the level.


08/16/19 at 10:35 AM

awesomeness777 | 82/100

Idk this level felt really weird because a lot of the space was unused so it was really 'narrow'. I really don't know how to rate this but I guess the visuals were okay (though a bit weird and bad with the tile mixing) and I don't care about the piranha plants coming out of the ceiling because you can see them when they 'spawn'. Also the challenges were pretty good though still kinda weird because the level was narrow.

Difficulty: Easy Medium -- Some tight spaces

Overall this level was a really strange 1-1 that deserves an 82 because it does.

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~~awesomeness777, Experienced LP User~~

08/14/19 at 8:00 PM

creator | 75/100

Damn. Despite this being the first level ,this is so much harder than the third lol.

Despite this, this level is SO much better than the third. There's a lot more enemy varity. You have chucks, koopa troopas, hammer bros, etc. and the challenges are less basic too! The only part that's a little weak when it comes to the challenges is probably the beginning. And there are also a little too much green koopas for my taste. This level looks more like a koopa troopa army coming in to attack Mario than a level lol. But still, things like avoiding a chuck's footballs while jumping on a spring are pretty nice challenges if I do say so myself!

Aside of that, the invisble blocks get introduced here. I didn't like them in the third level and neither do I do them here, I don't get why you use them. And while the Visuals are nice, they REALLY don't fit with the background. And piranha plants coming out of the ceiling is pretty weird too, despite the fact that Mario's about an Italian plumber who is addicted to mushrooms , who has a girlfriend that gets stolen everyday by a giant koopa.

So yea, the level was pretty good fun and I would recommend giving this level a try!


Difficulty: easy

08/14/19 at 7:59 AM

JonahtheWhale | 52/100

dude dont reupload levels unless you have major changes in improvement. merely changing the background doesn't help. anyway still dont feel any different with this same background, so here you go.

08/13/19 at 2:26 PM

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