• Description: challenge collect all yoshi coins!
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LazorCozmic5 | 50/100

Like I said, it's an idea done to death in levels, and I never liked the idea of being prompted to wait a decent amount of time for the explosion timer to execute. The tiling was done pretty shabby in a few brick areas too; the bricks and the scenery around it look ugly together i.e. X760 Y160 looks ugly the way it was done. See the samples page in the editor to learn how to utilize tileset(s) correctly and get the most out of it. Also X3100 Y300 are technically spike cutoffs. The scenery is the highlight of the level, although inconsistent at times. One screen would look like it took a while and then other parts like X3900 look particularly half-assed. Add branches to trees as well, you can't have long awkward strands of trunks without branches.

With gameplay there's several issues to cover. To top it off, blind jumps like X2280 Y100 where you have to take a leap of faith. Landing at the wrong spot = death from rhino. Should've used coins or arrows to mark safe landing. The bob-omb idea was also overused one time too many. You want to base level around a particular enemy? That's fine, but not if you're not doing interesting things/mixing in variations. Where you could've added challenges, you've also left a lot of those bits empty like the parts with the many springboards. Putting the bob-omb in L2 is also not wise as it causes sprite duplication the more you revisit the spawn area. The reset warps alternative is ideal as to avoid irritating respawns or stepping on two bob-ombs thinking it's one. Additionally, the repetitive flow of gameplay didn't exactly help either; you also encounter repetitive ninji challenges at X4120 Y120. Also there were no pits in the level; you'd be surprised at how much just a few pits could've added to the experience. Instead you make multiple paths look like different level-clearing routes but they only end up being dragon coins/bonuses which led to disappointment, and most of them were done with bob-omb ideas which had gotten stale by then. I thought it over and I won't penalize too heavily for they took time. Just something to consider knowing most players including myself likely won't bother as it's a fairly boring challenge.

On the whole, design alone wasn't horrific but insufficient ideas were presented, the enemy placement dull, uncreative. Given the length there's no doubt you probably put in effort here and there, but the fact is it didn't pay off well.

08/21/19 at 2:41 AM

DrBrains | 100/100

to hard

08/19/19 at 11:53 AM

Depo | 100/100

clever you can see that it took a long time and it was worth it! It's a brilliant level, I appreciate it and I hope your levels will get better :)

08/19/19 at 10:22 AM

WhitherBossXD | 100/100


08/19/19 at 9:35 AM

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