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LazorCozmic5 | 2/100


10/08/19 at 1:44 PM

Nuozzu4 | 10/100

Agree with others reviews... Nothing more to say

08/25/19 at 11:17 PM

Adyj | 5/100

Geez, you're pumping out almost a level a day (though I guess according to the title, this is someone else's level).

This level, overall, was very flat, and there really wasn't anything challenging or worth doing in this level. The spike jumps were kind of meh, and the hidden powerup wasn't very helpful, as there was a spam of powerups later on in the level. The blue coins later on in the level served no purpose at all, and it was really only making the level look worse in the editor than in the actual game. The cloud blocks afterwards served no purpose, and the brick arrow would have looked a lot more aesthetically pleasing with an actual arrow, or an arrow sign instead.

Spamming four Yoshi blocks in a row was very unnecessary, and the dragon coin after that was out in the open, with nothing stopping me from just grabbing it. The feather was really obvious, as there was a break in the coin bunch. Use L2 to hide this block better. The spam powerups were really bad, the koopas on top of each other were unnecessary (you'd have the star) and the checkpoint was also completely useless, since it would just take you back to the beginning if you died anyways.

Also, there is a ton of open, empty space in the level. Normally, I don't rate down for open, empty space in the level as long as they're inaccessible. The empty space after the level was accessible. You could have easily decided to just lower the dimensions of this level (or even better, making a longer, more legitimate level).

Black Cat, if you're reading this, I apologize if this review is harsh, but this is just an effortless level. You should really take the time to make more meaningful gameplay and add scenery into the level. This is just a spammy mess.

Final Difficulty: Easy
Final Rating: 5/100

Spam, spam, and more spam... ... ... ...

08/25/19 at 8:39 PM

NESFilipGamer | 1/100

Yessss Free XP and 71 is too generous. This actually looks like it was made by a cat. Pls don't make your cat make levels cuz it's gonna turn to garbage, only humans should make levels and nothing else.

Very plain design, too short level, It is 4000X but you haven't filled all of the 4000X in which your cat should have done, spammed items at X:1260 Y:240, Boom Boom fight is too Easy and Yoshi Coins just placed in a spam way.

Too easy level which is much less than 4000X and that makes the level short, spammed power ups and Yoshi coins.

Just a boring level, Sorry to say this but I feel like giving the level a 1 due to it's bad mistakes, I don't want your Cat to make levels again.

1/100 (Easy)

08/25/19 at 8:31 PM

Nathan nathan | 71/100

For a first level, it's kinda bad. However, I will be nice with the rating.

There is no scenery and adding things like bushes, the thing that look like green leaves, or even semisolids can make the level look more detailed. The advance coins were not needed and were on top of each other, which is something you (your sister) should not do. Also spamming Fire Flowers, Stars, and Yoshis is not a good idea and shouldn't be done in a level. The coins were not needed as well as the arrows, brick blocks, clouds and white blocks. The Boom Boom was the only "real" challenge (I guess), since everything was pretty easy. The checkpoint shouldn't have been added since it is a very short level.

The enemy placement was not good at all. Putting enemies on top of each other is not a good idea. Also, the level was way too short and there should be no Y to be honest cause it was just flat (which is not good at all). Like I said before, kinda bad level. It may be hard and time-consuming to make a good level, but it can be done. I will give it a 71/100. Could've been better (Easy) :3

Things that I took points away for:
No Scenery (-5)
Advance Coin Spam (-4)
Power-Up Spam (-4)
Yoshi Spam (-3)
Checkpoint (-1)
No Real Challenges (-3)
Enemy Spam (-3)
Too Short (-3)
Flat (-3)

08/25/19 at 8:15 PM

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