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JetWing34 | 64/100

This level has mixed reviews, but why not go ahead and vote on the level?

The beginning of the level was really good at first, but then the enemies that were placed in the level felt overloaded. There were power-ups in the level, but there is a bit too much to be added to this stage. My only advice when adding power-ups to the level? Add the first power-up of the level at around x500 and then add another power-up x1000 afterward (e.g.: a 4180x level should have x500 on the first power-up, then another at x1500 and the last one at x2500)

The scenery was there, but then it's mostly grass. Try to add something like grassland dirt tiles, mushroom stems or even the bush scenery. It may bring colorful and energetic scenery to your level and can boost points for your final rating.

Inspiration can be followed from the Gold and Silver levels, but try to not inspire yourself to spam Yoshi eggs and fire flowers. Too many power-ups within your level can give the player an unfair advantage and beat the level in a straightforward fashion.


01/20/20 at 9:20 AM

Adyj | 40/100

Let's rate, shall we?

I didn't really like the gameplay of this level. The enemy placement of this level was okayish at first, but quickly became a bit too spammy for my taste. There were quite a bit of powerups in this level as well. A bit too much for my taste. Usually, good gameplay doesn't have as many powerups (if at all), and has some fast, (but not unfairly fast) gameplay, not just using using powerps to damage-boost through enemies. There were some hidden powerups that were kind of obvious, and the coin trail right before the checkpoint needs to be extended, since I couldn't see where I was supposed to land, making this jump a leap of faith.

I would also like to see a bit more variety in your gameplay. Doing this powerup damage-boost through the entire level just doesn't make the level very interesting.

Design was also not the best. There were bushes here and there for the scenery, but the air decoration is lacking. I need more of the screen to be covered up, though not so covered up that it interferes with the gameplay. Good air decoration tiles includes Tiles 999 - 1004, 118, 167 - 169, etc. but as of now, the level just feels too empty. There is some effort put into the level, but a level with good scenery has more than this. You did seem to have given up at the end, though, since there were cloud blocks here, instead of normal grass blocks. It does look different, but it doesn't look good, when compared with the rest of the level.

The main thing I wanted to point out here is that the checkpoint doesn't work the way it should. The checkpoint should lead you to an entrance right next to it. This one just leads you back to the start. You should place en entrance right next to the checkpoint, and then change the checkpoint to be at the entrance you just put.

Final Rating: 40/100
Final Rating: Easy
Lots of Fire Flowers

10/11/19 at 6:01 PM

the trollmaster | 80/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/10/19 at 11:15 AM

MarioMaster1 | 72/100

If I could sum up your level in as scarce an amount of words as possible, it would be 'fast & furious'. Indeed the enemy placement was such that the whole affair became a tense but rather enjoyable chase to evade the 'cloud lakita's' (or whatever the blasted devils are called) & the other enemies which were hauled at you in a slightly turgid manner. However I must expand on this in perspicuous terms that the enemy overload was not too great.
The level itself was simplistic, & was your typical Mario fare if one is being brutally honest. There was scant originality & also your construction would of benefited vehemently with some greater detail within your level design.
This level was of adequate length (barely), & indeed it did have a few surprises, that is to say hidden blocks, a leap of faith following coins etc etc, but they could hardly be described as anything resembling innovative.
Nevertheless there was some limited evidence of intelligence in your enemy placement, & although I was loathe to admit it at first, the fact that collecting power ups often forced one to take a hit, could actually be seen to be a skill that could be developed with greater expertise, thus giving your level some added replay value.
Certainly nothing original or creative by any means, but an enjoyable enough little blast of the 'classic' Mario style. I award you 72 percent, well done.

10/09/19 at 10:03 PM

BananaMan 248 | 50/100

OK, let's start.
First, you must copy the part of the level 1-2 from SMF3 since X:1200 until X:2640.
Then, the checkpoint hasn't work beacuse it hasn't the correct entrace.
Also, why you put the black blocks in X:600? It's hasn't work, to.
After that, the lakitu from X:1960 hasn't correct position.
To finally, this level it's very easy. I should put more enemies or blocks.

I will give you an easy vote...

10/09/19 at 8:43 PM

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