• Description: Troll Levels needs to be surviving like in Mario Maker 2. so you need to pass the grinders and Troll Thwomps until you done World 2. The Reason is The Level is Extreme. Play and Comment!
  • Contributors: Troll Levels are Hard!
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What Others are Saying

MrGerund | 73/100

pretty good level, cant call this a troll level though.
you had good consistent gameplay going, but you kept reusing cheap offscreen thwomps as supposed trolls.

you even missed out on good challenges with these "trolls" suchj as jumping up usign the bullet bill.

the level worsened at the second section, the photobucket background felt bad and the tiling cutoff werent the most tasteful things to look at. furthermore the gameplay in this section felt quite filler with the platform spikeball usage and got quite spammy at the saws.

the bossfight couldve used some spicing up as it was quite boring the way it was.


09/06/19 at 9:27 AM

Mesopotamia | 90/100

Apart from the cut-off's, this was a pretty awesome troll level, minus some sniper enemies that got me pretty frustrated, but I won't deduct points for those snipers. Lastly, the boss has no twist, just a plain boss fight.

09/04/19 at 11:56 AM

Vinicius BC | 85/100

Your level is good, your level is cool but ...

At several cuts across the level, replace the y: 400 and y: 2100 stones with pipes, and y: 1080 also has a cut, and I don't like writing PHOTOBUCKET in the background, it gets in my way.

it's not the best troll level I've played anymore ok

09/03/19 at 7:37 PM

goldenemerl25 | 100/100

This Level Made Me Blow my fuse. But i must admit, It was A awesome Level the music is good, The Background was Good and there were some cutoffs, but i give this a 100/100 and Extreme difficulty

09/02/19 at 5:04 PM

LevelRem | 100/100

good gameplay, extreme level, scenery was great and OMG CUSTOM MUSIC WAS SO GOOD, to sum it up great level nothing wrong

09/02/19 at 12:42 PM

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