• Description: The fifth level of the Bowser's Castle series and this one actually has a name. You must travel through four rooms bowser created after you shut down his factory, as punishment for saving the toads.

    My last level got rated poorly by a user (won't say his name) for being "too hard", so I came up with an idea. Make an even harder level. This is the most difficult level so far, since you only get 1 HP point instead of the usual 5.

    Rate fairly on this level, since it took a while to make. If this level is incomplete or if there are major problems, let me know and I will fix it and reupload.

    The next level, Bowser's Castle VI, will be the last level in the series and will feature the final boss, Bowser. It'll be released when it's done.

    Update: removed the checkpoint at the end of the water section since it doesn't even work
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Tomi444 | 85/100

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10/28/19 at 10:50 AM

KyleTheWraith | 95/100

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10/21/19 at 5:05 PM

Adyj | 81/100

Since this is a rereview, you can find the original review in the link below. I will be referring to it in this new review a little.

Removed Checkpoint
Thank you for taking away the fake checkpoint (though it would have been nice if you had an actual checkpoint instead). I guess I could give you back 14 points for that, boosting you up to an 81/100.

For future references, however, checkpoints will ALWAYS take you back to Entrance 2, so can really only be one checkpoint per level. I know, that's annoying. This is why I normally use SMF 2. If you still want a checkpoint in the level, you would have to redo all of the entrances, so that Entrance 2 is either right next to the checkpoint, or in the next area.

Final Difficulty: Extreme (Pretty long endurance challenge here)
Final Rating: 81/100

Now if you'll excuse me, I've got a Calculus exam to study for.

10/20/19 at 2:14 PM

the trollmaster | 85/100

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10/20/19 at 10:55 AM

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