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Softendo | 15/100

This level looked a bit interesting, but the podoboo overload killed it in my opinion, especially in the last Bowser Battle, also i really disliked the maze at x3600, i mean you could have put something more original in there (something that's not a boring maze or podoboo overload), also including the castle scenery cutoffs at the bonus zone. The scenery usage was kinda well done i guess so there's that.

11/12/19 at 6:26 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 1/100

This was straight awful. Too much spam with the platform ride and especially the last Bowser battle.

10/31/19 at 2:26 PM

Galatas1 | 10/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/20/19 at 9:26 PM

GhostlyBlaze | 12/100

There are quite a few things wrong with this level.
1. Why do you have some areas to teleport you back of the level instead of ahead?
2. There are a lot of fireballs
3. You have to get past 2 Bowsers
4. There's no checkpoint in this hard level (It wouldn't be a problem if you typed something into the description)
5. Pointless maze
6. Pointless bonus area if you only do 1 jump that is very easy
Overall bad level. It was also decent at first until the second half.

10/20/19 at 6:25 PM

Shadomatrix | 20/100

too much fireball spam

10/20/19 at 5:33 PM

the trollmaster | 34/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/20/19 at 10:50 AM

Nuozzu4 | 10/100

Well here i go with my review:

I don't know if this level its possible, a lot of spam lava-balls and firebars. Challenges are boring and bad executed and the gameplay is bad. The scenery its incomplete, could be more and for the desing, a castle's level needs always roof. At x1300 (Main zone) after the thwomps, there's nothing making a boring area. At x2100 i can skip the warp and go to the next area. I have my doubts about x2940, i think its impossible that part, did you check it? and finally the Bonus area, the gray castle's tiles doesn't fits with forest theme.

The best part: I think the start.

10 and Hard.

10/19/19 at 6:03 PM

Adyj | 12/100

Main Level Part 1
You start off with simple fireball dodging, but it isn't really fireball dodging, since you could just hold right, jump onto higher platforms, and then press space at the door. The thwomps after that were kind of a waiting challenge, but okay. The choose the right path here was trolly. The pipe that takes you back isn't very creative, and the bottom path here is rather empty. Then, some more fireball dodging, with a mushroom that abuses janky fireball hitboxes, and BONUS ZONE!!!

Bonus Zone
The Bonus Zone is kind of aesthetically pleasing, though there is a cutoff here. It's a shame that I'm able to skip this part, though, since I was able to jump over the pipe leading to the bonus zone, and then onto the main part. Please put a roof.

Main Level Part 2
Sigh... This section is where you're going to lost the majority of your points. You start off with a Bowser and fireball spam, followed by a giant spam of more fireballs, followed by Bowser flames. I honestly can't tell whether this is even possible, even with the hidden mushroom that subtracts further from your score... After that is a poison mushroom (how nice!), followed by a filler maze, which just exists for no reason. I guess there isn't any spam fireballs here, but that's not gonna gain you anything.

Then, there's the final section, which has, OMG... MORE FIREBALL SPAM!!! You just had to add another Bowser here to make things extreme, plus firebars here just to be annoying. Sure, you gave me two mushrooms, and I tried to use both for a damage boost, but know that for some reason, you can't collect any powerups while taking damage. This meant that either I have to time the invincibility frames perfectly to collect the second powerup, or get to the end in one hit, both of which sounds unreasonable. Also, there are weird times that Bowser would actually just fall into the lava randomly. Please fix them. I don't think you actually beat this level, since there isn't any video proof of you beating it. Even so, the spam is just unfun. I don't mind Extreme levels if they're well thought out. This isn't.

Final Difficulty: Extreme
Final Rating: 12/100

Too much spam in the second part.

10/19/19 at 2:49 PM

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