• Description: I decided to make a remake of this level and added a lot of stuff like decorations and fixed some cutoffs and... This time it's not just any level... It's part 1 of a series I'm making called "Super Mario & The lost continent" which is world 230.

    Anyways... enjoy the level.
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awesomeness777 | 64/100

This level was better than the last one, but it still was just jumping over enemies and had really avoidable challenges. Invicibility stars should be used sparingly in levels (not in most of them). Also, the tile mixing was kinda awkward even though it wasn't exactly a cutoff, since you weren't really mixing tiles so much as adding a few unfitting tiles, instead of a lot. This level also lacked scenery in several spots.

10/26/19 at 2:50 PM

Galatas1 | 65/100

This user did not provide a review.

10/24/19 at 1:50 PM

Gamerclm678 | 70/100

Ok, so.

this level is a great improvement from the last one, and Most of the problems were fixed, so lets talk about them.

-The scenery was greatly improved on, i especially like how you used the checkpoint poles to signal stalagmites and staligtites, and the enemy placement felt very fair.

-THE CUTOFFS. most were fixed, yes, but the ones at the beginning and the enterance to the cave looks so bad. instead, at the cave, make an overhang to the enterance and have the background tiles go upwards. That always looks pretty good.

While it may be an improvement, still a bit too easy and strange looking, but good luck with mario and the lost continent, i'll play all of them, and i hope they turn out even better! 70/100!

10/22/19 at 4:06 PM

Adyj | 49/100

I see you're trying to improve, which is always good. Let's see how this new level turns out!

Gameplay for me still needs a lot of improvements. I understand that it's supposed to be Easy, but I want more than just jumping over enemies. I don't want more enemies, since that would be spamming. But there needs to be some more fun in these levels. Some platforming, puzzles, etc. is what really gives a spark. Adding in a mix of P-Switches, Springs, blocks that need to be hit by shells, etc. are good because they give Mario a chance to interact with the level. There is a On/Off Switch challenge at the end, but even that is a little simple. We don't want a normal NSMB type level here, unfortunately. That stuff is just too easy to make.

Powerups were a bit generous as well. Yoshis shouldn't really be in levels, unless you need them in a puzzle level to tongue stuff through walls, or in levels where you would have to ditch Yoshi to make a gap. You could also use Yoshi to jump over the cave section right before the checkpoint, so I would suggest you make the wall higher. Also, the star should not have been in the level, since it lets you run through all of the enemies too quickly, make the level boringly easy.

In short, unless you're VERY confident with your building, I would spend at least three to four weeks, brainstorming ways to make it better.

Well, there are notably less cutoffs this time around, so I applaud you for that. I liked Mario standing on the bush to get a fire flower. That was creative. The mushroom stalk on the boat is off-center, though (should've mentioned it in my first review). Use Tiles 167 and 169 instead of 118 here, since they offer a slightly wider stalk, which is perfect for a stalk that's 4 tiles wide.

There are more bushes here and there, but I would still like something more in the air. Adding some mushroom stalks, vines, etc. would really help the environment of your level. It also helps to use the bigger bushes. As for the transitions, they were a bit rough this time around. I'll leave a link to a document with ideas for better transitions (though you don't have to take them), as well as a link to a tutorial on bigger bushes.

Bigger Bushes:

Transition Ideas:

Final Difficulty: Easy
Final Rating: 49/100

10/21/19 at 6:25 PM

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