• Description: Level 2 for the series "Mario And The Lost Continent"!

    Mario suddenly falls into a pit and lands on top of a blue koopa. Not sure where he is, he finds himself trapped inside of a dungeon with lots of monsters and traps in the way. Mario attempts to escape the dungeon cavern...

    Level updated, edited between x:1900 till x:4180! And for the people complaining about the 1 up mushroom, IT IS POSSIBLE TO GET.

    Update 2: I edited out the slow autoscroll. Enjoy the level.
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What Others are Saying

WhitherBossXD | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/19/19 at 5:14 PM

awesomeness777 | 77/100

Kinda short, but pretty good level. Not all the cutoffs were appreciated though, but most of them were fine.
The boss was kinda anticlimatic tbh (and short) I was kinda expecting autoscroll (oh yeah you *did* have autoscroll). The challenges in general there just didn't work out that well...

Decent sorta good level overall nice poison mushroom at the ending.

11/06/19 at 6:04 PM

JCDenton2187 | 80/100

A good level. I saw no issues with tile placement, so... not sure what the guys below are onto.

There are a few cheap shots when you're platforming with the enemy placement. However the auto-scroll section was the most unneccesary part of the level and hampered my enjoyment.

I liked the aesthetics and thought the 1-up secret was clever. Also I loved that poison mushroom troll at the end.

Good level, aside from some cheap shots and the autoscroll segment.

10/28/19 at 10:27 PM

JetWing34 | 45/100

Less than two minutes...

I decided to play this level to get this out of the pending section, and that is how long it took me from the copy-paste of the level code to beating the level. I just beat this level in less than two minutes. Who expects to spend less than two minutes to beat a level? I bet, and I understand that it takes a short amount of time for the level. That is understandable. However, it was well less than five minutes before the time I beat the level.

I found the tile placement of the level a bit weird. This included the on/off switch-triggered blocks, a fighter bot that is custom-made to shoot cannonballs, and falling spikes. The problem was that the fighter bot was not completely perfect, but extremely weird! As I examine this weird tile placement, I also took a glance at the auto-scroll. The auto-scroll is not completely fast-paced. It's completely slowing down the progress of the level gameplay.

I have experienced cut-offs the first time I played the level. The first time I played this level wasn't after I had discovered about 50% of the level had noticed cut-offs. Not so perfect, right? I know. This is not the quality of level design that I had anticipated with the two maps in Super Mario Flash 2.


10/26/19 at 7:43 PM

Mesopotamia | 70/100

Strangely, this is actually quite a good level if I do say so myself. The scenery, although it doesn't fit the theme of this level, is actually a nice addition to the level considering how most levels that preserve its theme in general, are aesthetically boring to the eye. There are some minor tiling errors and incompleteness, such as the mole at X:1500 Y:100 and incomplete pillar tiling at X:3420 and more. Since it's quite obvious you know how Layer 2 works, you should be able to easily fix some of these tiling errors.

Now let's talk about the gameplay. This is where your level is not going to get a high score, I'm afraid. The obstacles in general, are pretty basic, maybe a bit too basic. It almost felt like a standard Nintendo level. It would be nice to have a few obstacles that makes your level stand out from others. Also, during a blind run of the level, at X:1960, it actually took me some time to figure out there's an On/Off switch somewhere before the tiles ahead. I initially thought I had missed something in the level, so I had to look up the editor to actually locate that switch. It would be nice if you could guide the player to the switch, maybe a few arrows would work. Lastly, at X:1420 Y:100, I had no idea what's that special tile is for, but I guess it won't bother me. But I guess I won't deduct too many points because of this as the level had some noticeable effort put into it and it was playable.

10/26/19 at 7:11 AM

BananaMan 248 | 64/100

Very hard, but NICE!

10/25/19 at 9:38 PM

MarvoDust | 15/100

Tiling could be a bit better, and some obstacles were just waiting. Some obstacles weren't really obstacles since they fell off the map. I couldn't get up to get the 1up mushroom in the second room. The music didn't really fit. It's pretty much a mash of random obstacles. Not recommended.

10/25/19 at 7:50 AM

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