• Description: You are under the entire sea. Criticism needed.
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What Others are Saying

segenanimator | 92/100

This stage is pretty good.
And I like the joke that is under the entire sea. LOL

10/26/19 at 11:12 AM

BananaMan 248 | 80/100

First, you must mension in the level title: ''SEA'', but in the level I can't see water, only in map 2
Then, all urchins are used only in UNDERWATER levels.
Also, all fire balls are in not correct position.
After that, the music in map 1 don't combine with the background.

I should edit your level, and please, don't lie...

10/25/19 at 10:15 PM

KyleTheWraith | 92/100

I love the randomness in these levels, awesome!

10/23/19 at 11:28 PM

PetsaresweetYT | 90/100

I liked the decoration a lot in this level, although it could be better. I'll give you 50 points for that. I enjoyed the idea as well, but the title was misleading. 30 points originally, but docking 5 points for the title. The enemy choice was odd, but a little refreshing. Finally, I would take away the lava bubbles due to their unpredictable placement. I'll dock 5 points for that, so you get a total of 90/100.

10/23/19 at 8:26 PM

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