• Description: Luigi is at home but realizes that Mario is not ... save it from the clutches of boom boom!
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What Others are Saying

JCDenton2187 | 45/100

Could do much better. The tiling is very poor and monster placement somewhat random.

10/28/19 at 10:47 PM

Nathan nathan | 75/100

Nice story, but it doesn't really do well with how the level is. So with that, let's review.

There is a little bit of scenery, which is not good and there should be more. There are cutoffs at 0X, 160X, the room with the Yoshi and Cape Feather, 1200X & 240Y, 2420X, 3340X, and 4180X. Most of these cutoffs can be fixed by using Layer 2. You can click the red arrow on top right corner if you don't know how to get to it. Also the Fire Flower didn't need to be there since you put a room with power-ups. The challenges were pretty spammy and that is not good at all.

The enemy placement was kinda bad as well. Putting Piranha Plants inside blocks like that is not a good idea. Also the level seems pretty flat and bland, and the height of the level is not high enough. Overall, the level is alright. I will give it a 75/100. Could've been a lot better (Easy) :3

Things I have taken points away for:
Almost No Scenery (-4)
Using Layer 1 Only (-3)
Cutoffs (-4)
Unnecessary Fire Flower (-1)
Enemy Spam (-3)
Enemy Placement (-3)
Flat (-3)
Height/Not Enough Y-Space Usage (-4)

10/28/19 at 9:00 PM

Nuozzu4 | 10/100

Well the level isn't great its only run and jumping avoid monsters. Bad gameplay, challenges and scenery.

10/26/19 at 11:22 AM

awesomeness777 | 8/100

Yay, you used super luigi flash.

This level wasn't good though :(

It was really rushable due to a large amount of powerups and a lot of empty space. It also had cutoffs, flatness, and no scenery. The bossfight was generic and ugly.

Super luigi flash is cool, but you need to make sure that you adapt the level to luigi's fast pace and large jumps

10/25/19 at 9:33 PM

BananaMan 248 | 72/100

This level is very easy. It don't have enemies, just Bom Bom. All blocks are in not correct position, like the water, black blocks and the green floor.

I should edit your level.

10/25/19 at 9:18 PM

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