• Description: Wario is happy for kill 3 monkeychildrens
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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What Others are Saying

Nuozzu4 | 2/100

Agree with Mesopotamia

11/15/19 at 2:41 PM

BananaMan 248 | 3/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/14/19 at 8:45 PM

Softendo | 5/100

I mean yes this is your first level but it feels like something that i made when i was a 5 year old.
Monster overload everywhere, PLENTY of cutoffs, the challenges were.. sorry to say but, pretty spammy and not fun at all to play.
You have a looong way for improvement buddy, but, it's not difficult, just start playing levels from the greats (like Orangetack or LazorCozmic5) and you're going to improve your level making style.

11/12/19 at 5:39 PM

Mesopotamia | 1/100

Welcome to Level Palace and congrats on your first level.

Anyways, this was a pretty mediocre level. For the majority of the level, you've mostly placed enemies and platforms in a very linear line, making the challenges repetitive and unengaging. I'm sorry to say but this will not make the cut for the average decent level. However, I'll give you some credit for the creative structure design, namely, the house, castle and graveyard area. It's actually a pretty nice scenery addition to the level considering the overall blandness and linearity of the level. I couldn't really give some suggestions to improve this level as you've got a learning curve for the editor you need to master to get to the starting point of making quality levels.

And finally, wait WHAT?! There is no goal point?! I'm sorry but having no goal point equals to impossible level and henceforth I'm afraid I have no choice but to give you a 1/100 due to the fact that it cannot be completed. The wrap pipe at the end of the level is actually not a goal point, but instead, it wraps you all the way to the start of the level. If you've edited the level and added in a goal point, be it a Boom-Boom boss fight, keyhole, Bowser or a regular goal point, feel free to let me know in my comments page and I'll rerate the level.

11/12/19 at 2:00 PM

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