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mariobros23 | 90/100

I liked the level and enjoyed playing. The only shortcoming is that it is a short level.

03/01/20 at 3:30 AM

Gamerclm678 | 75/100

I found this level to be fairly short and uninteresting. While the decoration and idea is pretty good, and i did like it, I found it to be a little undecorated and boring. the first power-up can also softlock the player because there is no room to jump over or crouch-slide, and that could've been easily fixed bu making the space within that small room bigger. 75/100, I reccomend mario flash 3, because there are more decoration options and it is easier to use, but i won't stop you from using smf1 if that's what you prefer. Good Job!

11/03/19 at 9:45 AM

Nuozzu4 | 60/100

Great scenery and desing for this level, the problem its the gameplay and the challenges, was easy and boring.

The best part: The scenery and the desing.

Check this: https://youtu.be/MHtFxtd8mtQ

11/02/19 at 6:28 PM

Tomi444 | 77/100

This user did not provide a review.

11/02/19 at 3:33 PM

awesomeness777 | 56/100

This level looked nice, but there weren't many enemies and the challenges were boring. It wasn't flat though so that was good and there was like terrain variety stuff.

11/02/19 at 12:23 PM

NESFilipGamer | 43/100

Well, it has a nice design and you did a good job with the visuals, however, the gameplay here is just very very bland, we've had this god knows how many times so unoriginal gameplay basically, you had some minor cutoffs too, 1 point will be deducted for each cutoff in the level. List of cutoffs:

X:420 (2 cutoffs, water cutoff and grass cutoff)
X:1020 (3 bridge cutoffs)
X:1240 (2 grass cutoffs)
X:1600 (1 grass cutoff)
X:2600 (1 grass cutoff)
X:3040 (2 grass cutoffs and 1 water cutoff)

And the level is a bit too short, the goal is at X:3700 yet it should be at least X:4000 or more, I won't take off much since it's small but your still getting deducted off for it, work on these:

Uninspired Gameplay (-40)
Cutoffs (-12) (-1 for every cutoff and I found 12 minor cutoffs)
Bit Short (-5)

That makes your rating a 43 out of 100 and Easy difficulty, Please don't be discouraged, just play some Gold levels to get inspiration.

11/02/19 at 12:05 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 70/100

The level looked very good overal and gave of a nice atmosphere due to this, but that's where the positive side ended really.
the gameplay consisted of goombas and flying koopas above a platform; no secrets and a few coins and blocks here and there. I suggest you dont give out a mushroom and a fireflower right of the bat only o not give anything later. make the fireflower a reward for not taking damage.

The gaambas were very inconsistent and the challenges offered were pretty unengaging so to speak; try to force the player into performing a challenge into making it a stroll. similar story with the flying koopas as you could stand still and pass the moving platform challenge.

a good template, but needs some actual more "powerful" gameplay to it to become good.


11/02/19 at 11:45 AM

allegoryfk | 100/100

I really liked how the forest man felt djhfudhuudiocgguuifhdfoeldf rtdgrgtyjyuj ukioioolp{ñ{´}{}´pññ{kl{{l

11/02/19 at 8:12 AM

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