• Description: Level 4 for the series "Mario & The Lost Continent"

    After defeating the menacing Boom Boom, Mario sees a large desert from a distance and a pyramid., he might find answers there so he checks it out. Aside from the quicksands in the desert, the pyramid contains a lot of hidden traps, so it's best to observe and look out for anything suspicious.

    Oh yeah, watch out for Tut-Ankh-Ahammer.
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What Others are Saying

WhitherBossXD | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/19/19 at 5:07 PM

Zeekie Joe | 100/100

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11/06/19 at 11:38 PM

The Flying Dutchman | 87/100

this was quite good and had unique feels to it which included the quicksand (felt a bit wonky tho) and the whole pyramid being a tomb with "hidden doors" opening for you and creatures.

it was overal really fun playing this, but it lacked some gameplay here and there and some challenges were set up in a repetitive manner, others were cheap hits, forcing you slowly through the level to prevent these.

the switch puzzles were fun, but the chuck being required to get up was quite a cheap trick as you cant see the wall until after the chuck spawns.

the visuals felt good and went well with the theme and music of the level, pillars could feel a bit obstructed in their position though.

lastly, you can hit the first purple switch encountered and grab a switch while doing so, just jump against the switch and it'll glitch you to the side.

the boss fight was nothing impressive.
good level though, i'll put this on the fridge because i feel its just good enough for it.


11/05/19 at 1:05 PM

MarvoDust | 90/100

The beginning had pretty meh challenges, But Map 2 had really good puzzles/traps, nice collection of enemies, and a pretty solid boss fight (By the way what was that thwomp for?) although it was pretty forgiving with the powerups.

11/05/19 at 11:14 AM

Mesopotamia | 95/100

This is actually a really good level if I do say so myself.

Map 1 showcased a pretty creative quicksand trap with the water. As for the gameplay for map 1, it does have some pretty unfitting enemies but overall it doesn't bother me at all I guess.

Map 2 was a hiccup, with a nice temple environment going on with lots of traps and hidden enemies to watch out for. Obstacles like this require the player's full attention to survive them, and thus providing some really fun moments.

-> You were a bit too generous with the powerups and checkpoints in Map 2, so the level is way too forgiving in terms of being able taking hits.
-> The obstacles in Map 1 from X:2180 all the way to the entrance to the pyramid were quite repetitive, just some enemies and platforming placed down pretty linearly. Try putting something more engaging.
-> As Map 2 is a temple zone, it's totally natural to have all sorts of hidden enemies and traps. However, coin trails marking where the enemies are coming from would be nice. (I won't deduct points for this)

If you could resolve these downsides I'd give you a 100 but overall I won't go too hard on you as this was a really great level to play.

P.S. Nice Ankh at the 'boss fight' area at the end of Map 2 XD

11/05/19 at 11:07 AM

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