• Description: My first SMC kaizo level.

    The first jump might be a little bit tricky but when mastered, its rewarding.

    2nd area is a little bit hard but is 100% possible.

    3rd areas goal is to deliver the spiny on top so that youll have a platform to reach the tape.

    Goodluck! Have fun! Visit my profile!

    Gameplay: https://youtu.be/QS7bMZ92G8M
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What Others are Saying

Mesopotamia | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/17/19 at 2:44 AM

BerKoBa | 73/100

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12/16/19 at 9:08 AM

MrGerund | 89/100

quite good with well coordinated setups... the spinjumping on spinys only got a lil repettive the longer it went.
first setup felt a bit clunckl, not gonna lie on that one.
you provided a good amount of checkpoint at the right moments making the level pretty fair to play as a whole.
the spring at the end couldve used some reusing as the repetitive upthrow was quite a dissapointment.

level was fun but felt quite cut short, which is a shame to be fair, not enough for a gold rating tho imo.


12/07/19 at 8:20 PM

TicTimeless | 88/100

Not bad, according to your 1st smc level it wasn't too bad, but it was difficult.. I find the level kind of messy..

11/24/19 at 10:40 AM

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