• Description: If you're having performance issues, play the level on this version (make sure you use Google Chrome): https://luigibonus.github.io/beta/

    First SMC level from me and Mario starts off in a fiercely hot desert, though (un)lucky for him, he finds a pyramid!... ugh, enough with the story. Enjoy the level!

    Here's the playthrough video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yLb0K3ydRqE
  • Contributors: TheBlackKoopa232; Darknesu (testing)
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What Others are Saying

MGFBPS3 | 100/100

ur really right about being it hard! Super good level one of the best i played on LP.

02/27/22 at 11:20 PM

SANTIXU | 93/100


06/19/20 at 7:00 PM

Skeleboi 173 | 95/100

Really nice level! This was actually the best level i played on LP, but there is a cheat that you get to the 1st Boom Boom by just using the springboard that Toad gives you, i checked if it works, and yes it does, so i replayed level to do it properly and i finally did, you added extra speed and 1 extra life for the last Boom Boom so it is at least a bit more challenging, this is all i have to say.

The springboard cheat: -5

Difficulty: Hard

04/21/20 at 11:40 AM

TheFirDragon | 100/100

Cool level.
Difficulty: Hard

04/09/20 at 8:00 PM

ashley2009 | 88/100

Nice pyramid level! at the start, why did put the piece of grass?

04/07/20 at 6:38 PM

LazorCozmic5 | 90/100

It's someone's first SMC level, and a pretty good one at that. This level had some nice setups, but I feel like the longer I play the level, the laggier the game gets, almost to the point where it becomes borderline unbearable. Maybe I just need a new laptop. When it comes to the level itself, it goes without saying that this must've taken a lot of effort to put together, I mean look at the tiling - very neatly placed and visually superb. The backtracking was well thought out, but came with a few oversights as well, like the fact that you don't need the pow blocks to obliterate a group of spinies, and yes I did as well notice the switch cheeses. It was also very easy to beat Boom Boom using the layout to your advantage. As a whole, your level looked and played smoothly though, and that's all that matters for now.

02/19/20 at 12:25 AM

MrGerund | 97/100

wow thats a biggy, the design was amazing in this one and had a constant flow of gameplay, cool challenges and a lil bit of pausing going, making it pretty much perfecto.

the first bossfight was kinda cheesable though as you could just throw the spring over the wall and not kill boom boom... not that it was much easier but it didnt feel liek a proper way to design these things.
the switch sectino was kinda confusing as there was no press needed at all to continue and the final big area was quite confusing as a thwomp destroyed the bricks and you had to use a pswitch to get up... quite an odd design choice if you ask me. final boss was quite cheesable using the gaps.

overal: looks and plays amazing.


12/24/19 at 10:58 AM

IggyHopxD | 100/100

(I wanted to play this so badly for all the past week but never could because of life issues again, lol, nice to finally get a chance to play it)

Dude! This is amazing! The design and the challenges were really unique and well made, it is easy to notice how much effort was put into this! I really loved everything about it. I wasn't able to beat it, but that's most likely because I'm not used to SMC's physics at all yet :P

Now, there's one only thing that feels weird, and it's the background for the inside of the pyramid. All the orange/sand tileset doesn't quite fit with the blue background. Though, I assume this is because SMC has no custom BG function yet, so no points down. Still was awesome nonetheless.

So here we go, 100% vote and hard difficulty. Good job Seven!

12/18/19 at 5:14 PM

Emi09 | 100/100


12/13/19 at 3:55 PM

Niro | 100/100

I really liked the game play of this level. The challenges are just right for experienced players. Scenery... wdym scenery? The whole level is a scenery.

12/12/19 at 7:54 PM

SilentShadow91 | 100/100

Amazing level! This is one of my favorite here on this site.

12/12/19 at 8:22 AM

przem1994 | 100/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/12/19 at 2:28 AM

Lyric_TheLegend | 97/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/11/19 at 7:42 PM

wolf870 | 100/100

Perfect level. Amazing scenery, game play, and difficulty. AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING AMAZING! One of the best levels i ever played.

12/11/19 at 7:36 PM

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