• Description: THIS IS THE CODE -- https://justpaste.it/1qeg4

    Original isn't the right one! Thanks! ╚(ಠ_ಠ)=┐

    Welcome to my first SMC level! It's a small test, I'm not used to the new editor. I still think SMF 1-3 is better. Anyway, good luck!
  • Contributors: SMC, Goomba, Castle, Construct
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JetWing34 | 60/100

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11/30/19 at 4:21 PM

MarioMaster7771 | 55/100

So, interesting level you have here! I like the approach you've given in the first section, obligating the player to press the ON/OFF switch, although it could be fine tuned a little bit, since it's not very clear that you'll absolutely need the red shell to get around the next section.

Speaking of which, it's the section that I liked the most. Despite of being rather small, it required some creative thinking from the player. A little tip to spice it up even more is adding in one podoboo (the lava ball) or two.
The next sections felt much more rushed and less inspiring, since most of the goombas landing on the parachutes don't pose any challenge, because they fall into the lava. It did get better with another ON/OFF block challenge, requiring you to spin jump on the grinders. Nice touch there.

The final room was kinda disappointing, since you don't even need to fight Boom Boom to end the level, you just deactivate the switch blocks and you win!... even without doing this you can end the level by just jumping to the other side, which felt pretty cheap.

Overall, this level had some pretty nice ideas going on, too bad it was a lot shorter than it could be and a good portion of it was very redundant. It's always exciting to see a new SMC level but reflect on the points I just gave you and keep on trying!

11/30/19 at 12:16 PM

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