• Description: This is remake from the old 1-1 level.
  • Contributors: No additional contributors.
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JetWing34 | 95/100

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12/15/19 at 9:20 AM

Nathan nathan | 87/100

For a remake, it's not that bad, to be fair. It could use some work though. So with that, let's get to reviewing.

The scenery seems to be crammed together and there's too much of it. To fix that, use less scenery and space the scenery out more. It's nice that you try to put a design in the ground and you could've done that more. For the cutoffs, there at 1220X, 2060X & 140Y, and 3260X & 240Y. Now for the challenges, which is the worst part here. The enemies are being spammed, and they're also repetitive. Use less enemies and vary them a little more to fix this. Same thing with the enemy placement. Overall, this level was alright. I will give this a 87/100. Could've been better (Medium) :3

Things that I have took points away for:
Too Much Scenery (-3)
Cutoffs (-2)
Spammed/Repetitive Challenges (-4)
Enemy Placement (-4)

12/14/19 at 4:14 PM

MrGerund | 92/100

level looked great and had comstant good gameplay, making it a very good overal work.
however... challenges felt a bit overly crammed and cheesable with the amount of shells you gave out, try to turn that down and keep it on a decent level. you put some good secrets here n there but... bonus challenges in the form of A-coins would've rly helped as the level felt like the same ongoing thing all the way through and even 1 death felt repetitive, so you might wanna cut it short

also srsly... you make some quality stuff so erm.. make a contest entry bud

Fun, but can drag out just a bit

12/12/19 at 4:26 PM

Takato136 | 100/100

This level is big, cool and interesant, this level is a very best map forever, i love this level, this is a best level of played

12/05/19 at 4:47 PM

Bartek Zioom Pro | 97/100

Very good level!

First, the design was awesome
Second, Enemies looked good
And Third, Awesome Graphics

My Opinion: 97%
Difficulty: Easy
Class: Gold

I like this level! Good look making more ones!

12/05/19 at 1:59 PM

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