• Description: A fυѕισи between volcano and sky.

    V2: Fixed most design complaints from qwertyquop.

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  • Contributors: qwertyquop for design suggestions.
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What Others are Saying

MrGerund | 70/100

it was quite decent, but really uninteresting in terms of gameplay; the level didn't have anything to offer to it besides repetitive podoboos and here n there an enemy you can skip right over which'll kill itself after. the backtracking only made this worse and the switch didn't help.

there were decent challenges here n there but by the time i got to the checkpoint i was already at 80% of the level rly as the following challenges were so bland and boring to traverse.

boring to play... not too terrible tho so eh


12/04/19 at 11:36 AM

LuigiXD/_29 | 95/100

This user did not provide a review.

12/04/19 at 9:54 AM

Mario Maker | 80/100

I like the background and the music

12/01/19 at 4:18 PM

qwertyquop | 85/100

This was a pretty decent level. It was pretty enjoyable to backtrack through the level when hitting the switch, and I liked the scenery in the volcano area. I especially liked the overlapping you did with the ghost house platform and the brick tile, as well as surrounding them with full brick tiles, I thought that was super cool to see. I also liked the little details with the fences, I thought that looked pretty cool as well. I did feel like some parts of the level were too empty, like where you had a platform but you didn't fill in the space above. You could have added a bit more to fill the screen a little more. An example of this that I thought could use more scenery was at x120. I think you could have extended the structure on the left to go over the platforms, or you could have added lava for an extra challenge there. As for the grassland/sky area, yeah it was alright. Nothing too bad, but since it was set in the sky, you could have added some clouds or something around the grass structures, or in the sky. I did like how you made those pointed dirt wall things, it looked very cool. I also like the little bridge you built to connect the two areas. Scenery nitpicking aside, the gameplay was pretty alright as well. Backtracking wasn't too crazy, but I think the level falls a bit in quality in terms of gameplay around the "halfway" point, where the sky area starts. First off, I think it was kind of useless to put a checkpoint, since the sky area was really short. I think you could have made a new map for the sky area, put more interesting custom music, and made it more expansive, like have the player go up instead of to the right, like they're ascending or something. It felt pretty boring to have the player hit a checkpoint and go through this short section and have the level end immediately after. Wow, quite the paragraph I've written about this level. Overall, I liked the ideas with the scenery, but I think that the gameplay needs some work. :)

12/01/19 at 3:55 PM

Lyric_TheLegend | 80/100

Even though it's been done about a million times, I like the idea of backtracking to hit a on/off block, then going back with the assist of the new "ON blocks" appeared, if that makes any sense.
The transition from the two sections seemed tacky- You could've just use pipes...
The dark grassland part was a bit uncreative...

X:1320~ took me a while to figure out how to get on the "climbing tiles"
Try to make it more conspicuous.

12/01/19 at 1:59 PM

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